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Old Sarge on Bovine Consensual Sex and Religious Liberty

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An obviously astute caller asked Rush if he thought PETA would get there first to ascertain if it was consensual sex on the part of the cow, or if the Left would defend it as just another alternative lifestyle choice.

GOP Survival Depends on Engaging the Millenial Libertarians

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Millenial Libertarians, most of whom have sound moral instincts, are disgusted with politics as usual, and they resent the damage to our economy and culture brought on by the Baby Boomers; in particular the massive growth and repressive nature of governing bodies. Their primary political philosophy is based simply on the desire to live free without government constantly in their business.

When Evil is Called Good and Good is Called Evil

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Isaiah 20 ¶Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Old Sarge on Executive Orders and President Clumsy

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During his relatively short time in office, President Ford signed an executive order actually reversing 94 executive orders that had been signed by previous presidents.’s Scariest People of 2013 Countdown: No’s 2-4

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Washington, D.C., might be packed full of shady characters, but it hardly has a monopoly on these questionable personalities. We should be thankful, we supposed, because these folks keep us employed. Here are some of the top entries in’s Scariest People of 2013 list:’s “Scariest People of 2013” Countdown

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By now, you’ve probably thought about the gifts you’d like to return. That belt is a little too tight, especially after all the Christmas candy. And those slippers? Yeah, yuck. At some point today, you’ll head out to return all those things and buy what you wish you had received.
Too bad you can’t return politicians and bureaucrats just as easily.

On Pot and Conspiracy Theories

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The latest contemptible conspiracy theory ping-ponging around the Internet is the one which claims the Islamic terrorist bombings in Boston that killed three and maimed hundreds were actually staged by the Federal Government as an excuse to implement Martial Law.

The Sarge: On Liberals and Blind Loyalty to Democrat Politicians

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I heard a young man say Calvin Coolidge resegregated the federal government and liked the racist film “Birth of a Nation.” It was Woodrow Wilson, who also revitalized the KKK when they were at a low ebb.

Barack Obama and the Fake Black Experience

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The power of meekness and humility, as embodied in the form of Dr. Benjamin Carson, swept the conservative world this last week. It’s not a contradiction in terms to say the “power of meekness and humility” in reference to Ben Carson. Dr. Benjamin Carson, Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, as he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, bore a gentle demeanor, a quiet presence, and a strength of conviction that overpowered Barack Obama, and made him seem effete and irresolute in contrast.

Is it Real, or is it Bull Crap?: Sharpening your “Fallacy” Detectors

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Proof by Lack of Evidence–Proving a negative. For example: “What proof do you have that your daughter didn’t give birth to the baby you call your own?”

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