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Shock! Study Proves Dogs are Socialists and Cats are Conservatives

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This research was conducted in response to the ongoing debate about who really is man’s best friend. Since behavior and political ideology are intimately connected, Cute Kittens Against Socialism, commissioned this study with the goal of providing information to Americans about what influences are coming into the homes of unsuspecting dog owners.

9/17 Trump in Colorado Springs: Full Speech

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Donald Trump rallies in Colorado Springs, September 17, 2016–full speech

I’m a flea-bitten Trump supporter, are you?

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Can an irrational (unreasonable, illogical, counterproductive) action have a moral outcome?

Top 5 Worst Boneheads of 2014

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Listing these loathsome leftists may cause me to blow an aneurysm before I get to the first edit. Anyoo, about Red Bill de Blasio…

Old Sarge on the 2014 Midterms: The Brink of Ruin or Triumph?

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Politically, we are at the stage George Washington and the patriots were following the Battles of Trenton and Saratoga. There is much to do and a long way to go to take the country back

The Arrested Emotional Development of Liberals

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“If you’re not liberal when you’re young, you have no heart. If you’re not conservative when you’re older, you have no brain.”

Old Sarge: Ruminations on the State of Western Disintegration

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We had the Democrat allegations of a Republican war on women in the 2012 campaign, just before the Dems chose sex predator Bill Clinton as their keynote speaker at their convention, while honoring the memory of another sex pervert named Ted Kennedy (and while booing God).

Libertarianism and God

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Modern Libertarianism has a reputation as being the home of fiscally conservative pro-choice potheads. That’s true in some cases, but most Libertarians exercise some form of faith in deity. But the philosophy of “non-aggression” is more dependent upon faith in God than perhaps many Libertarians realize.

Sarge: Klem Kadiddlehopper, PC, and Impeachment

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Is everyone as tired of Political Correctness as I am? I thought it might be interesting to ponder the old TV shows some of us used to watch and guess what might happen if they were on the air now.

50 Shades of Surrender: Progressivism and Decline

Posted by in Politics, Progressivism, Tea Party

The Progressive Movement depends on the surrender of its opposition in order to gain ground.

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