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John Otto is Dead, and He Hates Bolsheviks

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Those now condescendingly making claim to John Otto’s “dream” to advocate for his gem to become a federal albatross around the neck of Western Colorado, would also likely make Otto’s enemies list.

Flag Day: All Old Glory Represents

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Old Glory, our nation’s symbol and the image of liberty throughout the world, was retired. The cycle of generations, whether it be of a cloth artifact, threadbare and faded, or the Republic for which it stands, returns the old to ash and the new to a perch in the sky.

Happy 103rd Birthday Ronald Reagan

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Rather, I remember how Reagan treated my daughter, Erin. I kept her home from school one day, to go with me to a farewell party (a couple of dozen people attending), honoring a friend when he left Reagan’s White House in the mid-1980s.

Old Sarge on Executive Orders and President Clumsy

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During his relatively short time in office, President Ford signed an executive order actually reversing 94 executive orders that had been signed by previous presidents.

Santa IS White, But does it Really Matter?

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The image of Santa Claus is merely an expression of the values imparted to children by parents. Black, pasty-white, yellow or olive, Santa Claus in all his jolly fatness is most importantly a reflection of our own morality.

Thankful For the Warriors Who Do

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I’ve never been a prisoner to need or to dictators. But “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” This year I bow my head in prayer that I might have the strength and wisdom to fight the hard battles here at home that Americans may still have a Republic worth fighting for on the field of combat.

Mad King Barack: The Repeated Injuries and Ursurpations

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The History of repeated Injuries and Usurpations by the guy whose middle name is Hussein is not unlike that which the Founding Fathers enumerated as justification for declaring independence from George III’s England.


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I’ve always resisted attempts by forces and people outside of myself to define who I am. I am deeply offended by any party who names me this or that because I am a patriotic, religious, staunchly principled Conservative. The polarization of political adversaries, the heel-digging by the ideological Left and the Bible-clinging, Constitution-loving by the principled Right, underscores the differences that have always been there, and, in the wake of the election, has magnified personal suspicions and misunderstandings a thousand-fold.


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A new Republic begs to be formed. The ideological boundaries would be established by the will of the people. Something along the lines of everything west of the Mississippi River, to include all thirteen States of the Confederacy, from the Canadian border to the Gulf Coast and the Mexican border, and then a north-south border excluding Nevada,California,Oregon, Washington and Hawaii from the Republic would be a good beginning.


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I call that a miracle. It captures the American spirit like nothing I’ve heard of in a while. If Tom can resurrect his animation career like he did, we conservatives can certainly lift ourselves from the disappointing morass of Thursday’s Supreme Court decision and take back the White House (and Senate) in November. Do me a favor and think about Tom’s story as we go forward. Yes, sometimes changing from right to left can be a beautiful thing.

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