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New analyses raise more questions about killing of rancher LaVoy Finicum

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If he were going to resist armed officers why did he come out of the vehicle with his arms high in the air; why didn’t he come out shooting?

Soros-backed Southern Poverty Law Center’s strange obsession with Western ranchers

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Mark Potok is a senior fellow with the Southern Poverty Law Center. His job is to monitor groups that are a part of what he calls the “extreme right.”

Why America hates the BLM

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If you want to understand what’s behind the Bundy Ranch Bunkerville standoff, the imprisonment of the Hammonds, the Oregon standoff, and the growing hatred of the federal Bureau of Land Management in the West, this is a must watch.

Is federal prosecution of Oregon standoff protesters illegal?

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And lawfully, the federal government has no more authority than you would, if you owned the land. If there was an alleged criminal act, you would have to file a complaint with Harney County, and it would be dealt with under state law.

BLM: From Management Agency to Police State

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Mr. Kornze is doing his part to help President Obama bypass Congress and set national policy.

Bundy Ranch Facebook page targeted by violent rhetoric, death wishes, haters

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The San Jose State directory confirms that James Brent, the man “praying” for the Bundys to be shot and killed, teaches political science at a California university. Unless someone with a grudge is impersonating him, this appears to be his genuine identity.

The Federal Government’s Hidden War on Citizens and Private Property

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Tensions between ranchers and federal agencies also arise due to pressure from environmental groups.

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