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Colonel Traynor Recalls the Operation Babylift C-5A Galaxy Crash

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The rapid decompression was at 23,000 feet.
A side note: This isn’t terribly high in terms of being able to breath. At that altitude, a person would still have about half the oxygen present at sea level. Nevertheless, while mountain climbers have summited Everest (~29,000) without supplemental oxygen, to be sure, after 5 or 6 minutes, you and I, who haven’t trained to work in thin air, would be MUCH more comfortable and clear-headed breathing supplemental oxygen. And of course, the RD itself could cut useful thinking time in half.

Operation Babylift: The Inside Story

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The first “official” Babylift airplane, a C-5A cargo plane, crashed when the rear cargo doors blew out 12 miles outside of Saigon. Due to the heroic efforts of the pilots, there were survivors of this tragedy.

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