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We live for the chance to find that breaking story and pass it along. We also relish finding the bad dudes and letting you know about them so you can make wise choices at the ballot boxes.

Myth: “The defense industry lobby buys politicians”

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By far the most powerful interest group/lobby in America are lawyers – “ordinary” lawyers and law firms contributed over $82 mn to Congressional politicians in the last election cycle alone. On top of that, corporate, trial, and other lawyers contributed still further dozens of millions of dollars.

Did Pagans Give Us the Christmas Tree?

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Regardless of it’s historical origins, the evergreen is be a symbol of everlasting life for the believing Christian. Its power is in bringing peace and security to our minds, and comfort and joy to our children.

Sarge: Will Obama Run for President in Syria?

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Behind the scenes, President Obama has brilliantly established a new relationship with Iran, working cordially with the new Iranian president. The Iranians agree to take down half of their posters shouting “Death to America.”

Peter Brookes: Time’s on Side of Syria, Iran

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The Assad regime has good reason to fret the use of U.S. force: Sending cruise missiles through the windows of command and control and intelligence facilities and cratering runways would damage its ability to battle the rebels.

Colorado Democrats’ Continuing Obsession with Shopping Bag Taxes

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Store owners in cities with plastic bag bans or prohibitive taxes say they’ve seen an increase in shoplifting as more patrons use the reusable bags. One Seattle grocer said, for example, he’s lost thousands of dollars in produce and frozen foods.

10 Reasons NOT to Cut Defense Spending

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Mormon Women and “Dockers Envy”

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The women behind this inseam insurrection are largely young, socially liberal women who have been reared up in the anti-Judeo Christian public school system. Their goal is not “equality.” Equality under the law is the foundation of this country, and the “God is no respecter of persons” form of equality is doctrine in the Mormon Church. This pernicious provocation is an attack on the observances that set people of the LDS faith apart from the morally feeble world.


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This was not an authorization for military operations anywhere. This was not a resolution of approval for President Bush’s policies. This was simply a resolution honoring the victims of 9/11.

And yet, Baldwin voted AGAINST it.


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Not-well-meaning pacifist “arms control ” groups also propagate this claim, although their real agenda (if you read their writings) is the unilateral disarmament of the US, which they consider a “threat” to world peace and security. They are not nearly as zealous about disarming Russia, China, North Korea, or Pakistan. But they do propagate the “arms control makes us safer” lie to mislead the public.

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