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Federal Policies, Mismanagement Keep Native Americans In Poverty

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Darrin Old Coyote, chairman of the Crow Tribe in Montana, puts it plainly: “The war on coal is a war on our families and our children.”

Navajo Nation takes EPA to court over toxic river spill damage

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The attorney general of the Navajo Nation, Ethel Branch, said that the affected San Juan River “has always been a source of life, of purification, and of healing” for the Navajo, but “now it’s been transformed into something that’s a threat.

Concerned about federal wildlife management, Utah board opposes Bears Ears monument

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Greg Sheehan told board members it is important for the state to express its desire to retain management authority over wildlife populations.

Utah takes feds to court over violation of statehood equality

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In Utah, nearly 70 percent of the state is owned by the federal government, limiting the state’s control over land uses, such as grazing, oil and gas development, and forest management.

Interior Department considers expanding national monument in order to halt development of hydropower plant

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If the park is enlarged, the change would push the park boundary closer to the old mine — and near a proposed hydropower plant.

Russian Uranium cash behind Clinton/Obama war on Western ranchers

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The sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States.

Indian Affairs Committee requests criminal investigation into EPA for Gold King Mine disaster

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Based on the facts confirming EPA’s direct responsibility for the spill and the widespread damage it has caused to the environment and people of the surrounding communities, Barrasso and McCain urge Attorney General Lynch to conduct an independent investigation.

Oregon enviros to limit grazing to ‘protect’ bull trout despite complete absence of bull trout

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Impacts from grazing don’t rise to the level of causing unlawful harm to the bull trout’s critical habitat, he said. “Just because you cut a tree or graze a blade of grass does not mean there’s an adverse effect.”

BLM Beltway Bureaucrats’ “miserable” wild horse management

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Thanks to that dereliction of duty, the BLM recently informed ranchers in northeastern Nevada that there will be further restrictions on grazing permits because wild horses have overrun certain areas, compromising the health of range lands.

Feds use Sage Grouse to limit access to public lands

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“The state plans work,” said Bishop. “This proposal is only about controlling land, not saving the bird.”

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