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How fracking can help defeat global Islamic terrorism

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Fracking is helping to defeat terrorism. By making global oil prices lower, fracking is hurting ISIS and other terrorist groups that are known to sell the oil they have captured on the black market.

Government interference in energy markets impedes national security

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If the goal of government is to advance policies that keep America free, safe and prosperous, then in energy export reform, Washington has an opportunity to check all three blocks at once.

Avenging 9/11

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I put up our flag when I got home. American flags festooned our neighborhood. There were pick-up trucks with large flags flapping behind their cabs, hoisted high on poles. A statement of utter defiance against the attackers of 9/11 issued from this town of miners, ranchers, and gas and oil workers, a redneck manifesto, the utter renouncement of surrender.

I remember that day almost hour for hour, as we all do who were fully cog

This Scary Movie is Not for Entertainment

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The movie’s title comes from the estimated time it would take for a ballistic missile launched from any point on the globe, to reach the United States mainland.

Government at War Against Veterans

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The move by the Veteran’s Administration, under the direction of Obama’s army of leftist appointees, to disarm our veterans is not a new tactic. The American Left with Hussein at the helm have planned their assault on our 2nd Amendment rights for years.

Darwin’s Hammer: Who Survives an EMP Event?

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An EMP would disable the electrical grid in the United States and Canada, appliances, lights, vehicles, medical equipment, portable electronic devices, and nearly all forms of communication for an indefinite period of time.


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Ron Paul and many Liberal politicians demand deep defense cuts, starting with maintaining the sequestration mechanism. They malign the DOD as profligate. They claim that the defense budget is to blame for America’s fiscal woes and that without defense cuts the federal budget won’t be balanced.
They are completely wrong, however.

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