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Misogynistic bully National Parks Superintendent apologizes, keeps his job

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Martin added that investigators “are likely to find accounts of women and men being publicly humiliated by the superintendent, intimidated in front of colleagues.

Feds desecrate sacred American Indian burial sites to tune of $3.3 million

Posted by in Government Run Amok, National Parks, Native Americans

NPS officials spent taxpayer dollars on 78 projects that damaged over 200 sacred mounds without conducting any sort of impact analysis.

This outdoors lover says “NO Bears Ears Monument”

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I absolutely oppose a monument. The government has already done harm by advertising our area.

Sacred grounds in national monument desecrated and looted by park manager

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Years of sacred- and ceremonial-ground desecration at the Effigy Mounds National Monument in northeast Iowa disgraced the National Park Service, as did a recently sentenced former park manager who stole ancient human remains and hid them in his garage for more than two decades.

National Parks employee openly tells Utah locals “your food and heat do not matter”

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“Again, your food and heat do not matter more than our children’s views. Flat out.”

More proof federal ‘protection’ increases vandalism to antiquities

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This is more proof that federal ‘protection’ of lands, resources and natural treasures, protects nothing, and actually exposes them to destruction due to vast numbers of human visitors.

NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY: National Parks, Monuments sucked into #LGBT social agenda

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A national policy expert says visitors to national parks should be concerned that others can enter the restroom of their choice regardless of their biological sex.

Federal mismanagement leaves National Parks in state of steady decay

Posted by in Federal Control, National Parks, Outdoor Recreation

After decades of neglect, the Park Service has reported a backlog of $12 billion in deferred maintenance projects, and it shows.

Will Obama Employ Antiquities Act in Massive Western Land Grab?

Posted by in Energy, Environmentalism, Federal Agency Overreach, National Parks

The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) is working with the National Park Service (NPS) to implement “Landscape-level conservation,” which regards national parks as simply “hubs within larger, landscape-level conservation efforts.”

National Parks Sound Nice, But Are Less-Than-Friendly Neighbors

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Energy, National Parks

Those protective caveats include the input of an Advisory Board consisting of local interests, a promise that no buffer zones would be created threatening private property and development, and the promise that the Class II Air Standards would apply to the new park.

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