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Patriotism and Involuntary Service

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He never complained about his long, involuntary service in the Army, but he never talked about it either. To him it was part of life, something you did because you were born in and grew up in this country.

Old Sarge: Remembering Veterans Day

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The veteran may be the aged fellow who is still trying to shut out the images of the Tet Offensive of 1968, and still remembers how his former best friend in high school called him “baby killer” and “willing tool of the “war mongers.”

Prepping the Essentials for Veterans

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Even if you’re pretty sure you’ll never really need your stores and prepping skills, the prepper lifestyle is a great way to help ease the stress of transitioning from active duty to civilian life.

Movies that Honor our Military Heroes

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Life is not easy for many veterans. They make up a significant portion of the homeless population. About 18 per day commit suicide.

Old Sarge: Did Obama Save the Deserter to Save His Own Ass?

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He kept this grandstand in his pocket until he needed it; i.e. as a distraction from the VA scandal was overshadowing everything–including his ridiculous visit the Afghanistan and his preposterous speech at West Point.

Greater Love Hath No Man

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Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

What is a Veteran?

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Dear God, don’t let the world forget what we’ve done, and if we forget you, Lord, please don’t forget us. We really do like it when you thank us for our service, folks, so say “thanks” to a veteran on Veteran’s Day!

The Journey from ‘Nam beside My Buddies

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I left from Da Nang Hospital where I had been since August 7th when I suffered multiple shrapnel wounds to my entire body.
In flames from the 155 explosion under me, my men came rushing to roll me and extinguish the flames.

Military Slang for Dummies Book One: FNGs

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Now, when I tell you FNGs to go after a box of grid squares you will do as I say. The same goes for high angle primers. When I tell you to retrieve a T.R. double E. double time, you will not fail.

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