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A Plea From the People Stranded on Sinjar

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Tonight, while we in the peaceful West sleep, hundreds of imperiled innocents will die from exposure, thirst, hunger, and the brutality of Islamo Fascist radicals.

Israel’s “Iron Dome:” What Is It and How Does It Work?

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For Hamas and Hezbollah to argue against Iron Dome, they will have to assert that Israeli use of this defensive system is an aggressive measure. The argument is implausible.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex in Islam, But Were Afraid to Ask

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Once your worldview of Islam widens and you see the whole picture, and not the tidy, politically correct bill of goods you’re being sold by advocates of Islam, such as Barack Obama himself, you will begin to understand two things; why nations which embrace Islam may have Twitter and cell phones, but their economies and cultures are still in the 6th Century A.D., and why young Muslims are waiting in line to get the hell out of their mortal existences as fast as they can.


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As the civil war in Syria between the army loyal to President Assad and the anti-Assad rebels (including Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood) continues, some politicians and columnists are calling on the US to start funneling weapons to the rebels or even to bomb Syria. They are wrong.

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