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Does this video show Hillary Clinton having an “Absence Seizure?”

Posted by in 2016 Elections, Media Bias, Medicine

Persons who have had head trauma are twelve times as likely as the general population to suffer seizures.

Why Progressive Radicals want to Ban “Conversion Therapy”

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Medicine, Mental Health

“Conversion Therapy” is an inaccurate and somewhat derisive name for the type counseling that individuals beset with homosexual questioning may obtain in a quest to reconcile unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction.

Privacy not the Only Concern with Obamacare Electronic Records Mandate

Posted by in Medicine, Obamacare

We used to see 32 patients a day with one tech, and now we struggle to see 24 patients a day with four techs. And we provide worse care.

Gruber Involved in Creation of Colorado Health Exchange

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Medicine, Obamacare

The Colorado Health Institute paid Obamacare advocate and administration analyst Jonathan Gruber to produce an “independent” report in support of Colorado’s Health Insurance Exchange in 2011.

Colorado Democrat Pushes Suicide by Doctor

Posted by in Culture of Death, Medicine, Morality

Liberal Democrat Colorado Representative Joann Ginal is behind the “suicide by doctor” effort.

Medicare fraud: $97 Million for Mentally Ill Patients to Watch Movies, Play Games

Posted by in Medicine, mental illness

Spectrum ran a partial hospitalization program for people with severe mental illnesses in need of intensive therapy and ongoing care.

Physicians’ Declaration of Independence

Posted by in Medicine, Obamacare

This is the Physician’s answer to the crushing control, regulation, and government interference we call Obamacare.

Nightmare Nursery Rhyme: The Mess that Obama Built

Posted by in Economy, Health, Medicine, Obamacare, Socialism

This is the mess that Obama built. This is the law underlying the mess that Obama built. These are the Democrats who voted for the law underlying the mess that Obama built.

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