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Possible Mexican Nationals Implicated in Illegal Colorado Pot Grow

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Luis Rios-Cortes, 23, who had a Mexican identification card when contacted by authorities, was indicted on identical charges and faces a separate charge of being an alien illegally in the United States in possession of a firearm.

Pot and the Pesticide Question

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The unknowns surrounding marijuana pests and pesticides are one facet of the controversy over a potential outdoor medical marijuana operation in the middle of Western Colorado’s prime peach orchards and vineyards.

New Colorado Law Bans EBT Cards at Strip Clubs, Pot Shops

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CDHS has opposed changes to welfare ATMs in the past but this year came on board after finding about $500,000 a year was withdrawn at locations prohibited by state and federal law — that’s about 1 percent of the total welfare withdrawals.

Palisade Farmers Resist Identity as a Marijuana Mecca

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The Palisade Messengers further worry that allowing marijuana grows to be defined as “agricultural crops,” and the manufacturing of marijuana-infused products to be defined as an “agricultural operation,” sets a bad precedent for the potential misuse of trust lands and conservation easements throughout the state of Colorado.

Reefer Madness Spreads to Hawaii

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Christie was held for 3 years and 9 months in Hawaii’s Federal Detention Center without bail and or a trial on charges related to growing and distributing marijuana.

If There’s a Will for Weed, Welfare Will Find a Way

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Because the drug is still illegal at the federal level, most pot shops in Colorado are not taking credit cards or other forms of electronic payment, thanks to the complications that could come from federal authorities tracking down customers and store owners through those transactions. It’s a legal business, but one that’s forced to operate as if it were still partially in the black market.

The DUH! Files: Teen Pot Usage Up Since Legalization in Colorado

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It is a fact that where pot is illegal across the board, there is less abuse by teens because they FEAR the consequences.


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The pro-Amendment 64 forces in Colorado are composed of two kinds of people–potheads, and those who have been duped by potheads. The second group has been duped by passionate, focused potheads into believing that Amendment 64 is about something other than a personal proclivity for getting stoned.


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First of all, Federal Law is in conflict with state laws that legalize pot. Whether or not you agree with this, the biggest impact will be on the most important role of the Federal Government, and that is to protect and defend our borders and our people. There are stringent prohibitions against drug use in the United States Military, and penalties for breaking the rules are serious.

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