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How to Eat Like a Porker and Still Lose Weight: Burned Food

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I did teach a science class once as a substitute teacher at Canoga Park High School, so I am well acquainted with Schlimmel’s 6th through 13th Laws of Thermodynamics.

Beware: Federal Government Uses “National Park” Status to Control State Lands

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As a close neighbor and regular user of Colorado National Monument in western Colorado close to Grand Junction, I suffered a sharp attack of NIMBYism when I heard of a 2011 proposal to turn one of the nation’s oldest national monuments into one of its smallest, newest national parks.

The Roots of Atheists’ Rage

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Movement Atheists are not content with simple non-belief, or the supremacy of Science over religious doctrine. Their purpose is to dominate public institutions, from schools to the courts, and revamp Western thought effectively killing God; the history, traditions, and sacred beliefs that resulted in the Secular Law which prohibits the Government from instituting a state religion. In a sense, Atheists would undo the very religious beliefs which allow them their voice and freedom to act as they see fit.

Ode to the Indifferent

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I cannot help the child to whom moments are a hurdle, where nothing is done so more of nothing can be accomplished at the next juncture, where appetite rules, and like an animal, conniving is disconnected from the heart.

Call It What It Is!

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But Americans bought it, and like a spiritual analgesic, the idea that each woman has the right to choose what to do with her body, numbed our collective conscience to the brutal, painful, and bloody nature of abortion.

Are Leafy Greens the Next Civil Right?

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The feel-gooders and foodicrats bemoaning the food desert “crisis” fail to take into account that, even in poverty-plagued, welfare wrecked urban neighborhoods, the free market is at work. If “Whole Foods” really had a viable market in an inner city burg, they would open a store.

Colorado Healthcare Exchange: ‘Brosurance’ to ‘Hosurance’

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Thanks to Obamacare, ‘hosurance’ is a thing

The DUH! Files: Teen Pot Usage Up Since Legalization in Colorado

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It is a fact that where pot is illegal across the board, there is less abuse by teens because they FEAR the consequences.


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At some point in the near future there will be a national separation based on ideology and–interestingly enough–personal behavior. This is what I mean; The success of Progressive/Socialist ideology is dependent upon personal lawlessness. Hence, the welfare state.


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The cart was full of ripening horse manure. I though it funny at first, but as I was taking a picture, preparing to tweet it to the world, the woman took a small baby doll, pulled off its head and stuck the body into the manure pile, followed by the head. “That’s not okay,” I told her firmly. “Well, then you belong on the other side,” she scolded.

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