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Warn the dinosaurs, Don Jr. is coming to Colorado

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Donald Trump’s sons posed in pictures with a slain triceratops that they had just killed in Africa

Not content with abortion as a means of killing, Colorado Democrats get ‘right to kill old, sick people’ on November ballot

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Culture of Death, liberalism

You can always rely on the Left to devise new ways of killing the innocent while protecting, shielding, enabling, and justifying evil.

Who are these “sportsmen” who worship at the altar of federal control?

Posted by in Environmental extremism, liberalism

Employing a “divide and conquer” strategy against gun owners, often pitting sport shooters against those who own firearms for the primary purposes of protection and freedom, is hardly new.

Old Sarge on Tortured Liberal Logic

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, liberalism

Demonstrations staged by the left nearly always turn violent, and the threats by Occupy Wall Street to haul politicians and business people out and hang them bothered not a single Democrat.

Old Sarge: Ruminations on the State of Western Disintegration

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We had the Democrat allegations of a Republican war on women in the 2012 campaign, just before the Dems chose sex predator Bill Clinton as their keynote speaker at their convention, while honoring the memory of another sex pervert named Ted Kennedy (and while booing God).

1960s Urban Policies lead to 2014 Urban Blight and Broken Families

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It is profitable to state bureaucrats to make sure that fathers are permitted to see the own children only a few days per month so support payments can be set at the highest possible level.

Do Americans Really Appreciate Their Heroes?

Posted by in liberalism, Veterans, Vietnam War

While Dad was in Korea and my older sister suffered with polio, we lived luxuriously in wonderful clapboard wooden housing built years before, eating the best rice and beans the economy and the local stores had to offer

Unproductive CU Professors: Fat and Happy in Boulder

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Education, liberalism

In the past academic year, nearly a full third of the professors at CU, Boulder did not teach at all.

Old Sarge: Leftist Lunacy and “Koch Brothers Derangement Syndrome”

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, liberalism, National Defense

The Obama cult persists, even though our economy, foreign policy, and culture are in a shambles. If a Republican president had these same economic, political, and cultural parameters, the libs would be calling for his impeachment, and rightfully so.

The Negative Effects of Early Childhood Sex Education

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, liberalism, Sexual Predators

When shocking and frightening trends overflow the Juvenile Justice system and pop up on progressive campuses, Liberalism, which embraces nebulous theories of human nature and behavior yet rejects the tried and true absolutes of Judeo-Christian doctrines, is simply reaping what it has sown.

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