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National monuments: Obama’s own Indian Removal Act

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“I fear with a monument, there will be more restrictions, and we won’t have that opportunity, especially our Indian people, our Navajo people. We are always being cut off somewhere, and we don’t really trust the federal government.”

Lacking evidence, feds drop charges against Oregon standoff reporter

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Ammon Bundy’s former attorney Mike Arnold added that he believes the trial on what he refers to as “thought crimes” will be a long one.

National Parks employee openly tells Utah locals “your food and heat do not matter”

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“Again, your food and heat do not matter more than our children’s views. Flat out.”

San Juan County children tell Sally Jewell, “Don’t destroy our hopes and dreams.”

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“When somebody takes away lands and livelihood, can you really be anything you want to be?”

VIDEO: EXTREME environmental damage caused by Sally Jewell photo op in Utah

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The ‘pro-monument’ busses, shirts, lunches and ‘free trip’ were all donated by a well-funded environmental coalition and a super star who has merely stepped foot in the county!

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell wants to steal the land from these people

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A monument designation around Bear Ears will threaten local San Juan County Navajos’ access to resources and change their way of life.

Is Obama buying off Dine Bikeyah Navajos with false promises?

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Underneath Interior Secretary Sally Jewell’s highly orchestrated is a bitter divide between groups within the local Native American population.

Environmentalists trash environment at meeting to discuss protecting the environment

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Please bear in mind that if an ordinary group of campers or hunters had created the kind of environmental disruption documented below, they could be prosecuted by the federal government, heavily fined, or both.

Utah families say ‘NO’ to economically devastating national monuments

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Out-of-state interests advocating for unilateral presidential action argue that a monument designation is the only means of protecting the Bears Ears area. But this argument is plainly false.

What’s really behind the Malheur federal land grab?

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It’s no coincidence that it comes when environmental groups are pushing to create a national monument in Malheur County.

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