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Have you been Suckered by “Compassion for the Kids?”

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Progressive anti-Americans have presented good Americans with an emotionally-driven conundrum. Jesus helped and blessed everyone he could, especially little children.

Old Sarge on the Irony of Democrat Actions

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Movie stars are advisers to Democrat lawmakers, while the same people dismiss the founding principles and Constitution of the United States as “arcane.”

Transforming America to a Third-World Nation through Illegal Surge

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An effort is under way to place children in foster homes or with relatives already living in the U.S., said Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas.

Ceding our Sovereignty to Illegal Aliens

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Overall, deportations by all federal agencies, as defined by the administration, fell from 409,849 in fiscal year 2012 to 368,644 in fiscal 2013.

No Mas! Hispanics Sour on Obama Broken Promises

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“If people are not selecting the right plan for themselves, depending on how they need or expect to use the insurance for the upcoming year, it might affect their financial bottom line,” said Luis Chaves of the Pangea Financial Group, who closely follows health care-related issues.

Deporting Criminal Aliens will Increase Nation Security and Decrease Deficit

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We would lose 500,000 illegal criminal alien inmates at a cost of more than $1.6 billion annually. That includes 15,000 MS-13 gang members who distribute $130 billion in drugs annually would vacate our country.

How White Liberal Guilt Helps Illegal Aliens to Commit Child Rape

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In order to feel worthy to even exist, Liberals must deconstruct every institution and positive characteristic that burdens them with a sense that they have too much prosperity, too many privileges, and too much freedom. And that is the reason Liberals fawn over illegal aliens as if they are automatically imbued with virtue and innocence–lacking the exorbitant prosperity, privilege and freedom possessed by White Liberals.

Ziggy: Why Amnesty for Illegal Aliens MUST be Stopped

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But they’re dead wrong. The GOP will perish if it adopts their proposals, NOT if it rejects amnesty. That’s because most Hispanics are natural liberals, and giving amnesty (under whatever name) to 12-20 million illegal immigrants from the Third World will create 12-20 million new Democrat voters.


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Illegal aliens

Attack Racism asserts that individuals of another race or nationality are not equal because they are genetically differentiated from the racist who asserts superiority (Attack Racism is practiced by individuals and regimes of all colors from David Duke, to Jeremiah Wright, to Nazi Facists). Paternalistic Racism asserts that a man is limited by his race, nationality, or condition of social status, and therefore relatively impotent against prevailing social forces

Poop Alleys in Urban America

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Mounds of human feces, urine-stained walls, a rancid and disgusting stench:These are some of the phrases that have been used to describe the third-world conditions which exist, not in some undeveloped overseas nation, but in a major American city, El Paso, Texas.

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