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5 Weirdest Moments in Christmas History

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One must wonder, however, whether Santa’s “Ho, ho, ho” was the exclamation of a happy man, or the rumblings of a bitter old fellow who just couldn’t seem to forgive his wife for errors of the past.

The Sacred Subtext of “America the Beautiful”

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As individuals exercise self-control, the need for government decreases. True liberty lies in obedience to the law; most importantly the moral law of God, the only true and eternal authority.

The Law of Chastity: Parable of the Four Sailors at Liberty

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It’s not necessary for a person to know everything about the people around them. It’s not necessary to have luck on your side. It’s not necessary to be able to read the intentions of people. For, when a person employs a set of good principles, such as personal chastity and the pursuit of wholesome recreation, he is protected from the unknown and the unintended.

From D-Day to Khe Sanh, America is Nothing Without its Veterans

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This was one of the events that made that generation shine, without a doubt. Oh, they had their faults; racial prejudice was a problem, and many people were hardened and bitter, having endured the Great Depression

Vietnam 1972: Reflections of a Navy Flyer at The Wall

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The wall, with all 58,200 names, consumed my field of vision. I tried to wrap my mind around the violence, carnage and ruined lives that it represented. Then I thought of how Vietnam was only one small war in the history of the human race.

Obama is No Frederick Douglass

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Frederick Douglass an American slave

Modern Socialism is not the equivalent of slavery. Nor is it the opposite. Socialism is the soft-slavery of evaporating freedoms, theft through hidden taxes, strangling regulations, and the increasing prerogative of government upon the time, labors, and lives of men.


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Sin is not simply the product of man’s evil nature. It is the stumbling block, the cruel and dispassionate tuition of error, remorse, estrangement from God and other mortals, the burning fire which refines man, and teaches his mind to adapt, change course, invent another way, improve his lot, and employ his godly nature in the process of achievement.

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