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US Forest Service creating overcrowded, diseased, dying forests in the West

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The moths and bugworms won’t recognize jurisdictional boundaries. If the federal government won’t treat the largest single portion of the infected region, tree-killing bugs are likely to migrate into neighboring properties.

How much EPA abuse will Colorado take?

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Colorado has suffered a series of wrongs by the very federal agency tasked with protecting its precious resources and scenic wonders.

EPA: All Power and no Responsibility

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The EPA pushed forward, ignoring feedback from residents. A local geologist wrote a letter to the editor just days before the mine spill, warning the agency’s “grand experiment” would fail and the river would be contaminated.

Radical resume of EPA director connected to Animas River disaster

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Share the love!TwitterFacebookTumblrGoogle+LinkedinPinterestemailPrintAugust 13, 2015 Exposing the environmental extremist bureaucrat with a slight-British accent Jared Blumenfeld is the EPA Pacific Southwest Region 9 director heading up response efforts in New Mexico following the disastrous Gold King Mine blowout. This immense environmental catastrophe on southwestern Colorado’s Animas River, was caused last week by an EPA mine safety crew, and…

EPA poised to deal death-blow to Colorado coal industry

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The Colowyo mine saga in Northwestern Colorado may be the best example of the government’s two-pronged assault on both coal production and coal-generated electricity.

Denver’s Controversial Landmarks: Art or Expensive Eyesores?

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Much of the ire has been focused on the 32-foot-tall blue mustang with firey red eyes that greets travelers on their way to Denver International Airport.

Sage Grouse endangered listing at odds with science/local governments

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Coloradans have invested well over $50 million of state, local, and private money in conservation easements to preserve ranchlands in the Gunnison Basin, and have preserved ore than 64,000 acres of open space, ranchlands, and sage grouse habitat.

Colorado Agency Plays Fast and Loose with Unauthorized Funds

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Last year, CDHS hired 53 new staff members for juvenile detention facilities, spending $1.2 million it had left over from contract placements, and hired 30 staff members, at an annual cost of $2.4 million, for the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo.

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