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Tyranny and Terror: How federal management agencies threaten our liberty

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Witnesses highlighted examples of flagrant intimidation met by citizens who refuse to surrender their constitutional rights, land and water rights, grazing permits and other multiple-use benefits.

EPA: Turning Concocted Crises into Campaign Cash

Posted by in Energy Policy, Federal Agency Overreach

Such regulations are dear to the national environmental lobby, and thus key to the flow of campaign funds. Is it a coincidence that the rules are expected to take effect during the coming 2016 election year?

Did EPA pay Harvard to fix study supporting Clean Power Plan?

Posted by in Federal Agency Overreach, Government Corruption

Smoking Gun Emails? Almost a 100 pages of emails passed between the EPA and the Driscoll Harvard health study group, starting on July 8, 2014, and extending at least until May 22, 2015

EPA “clean power” plan will harm Navajo Nation in Arizona

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Coal production provides the Navajo Nation with 60 percent of its general fund revenues.

Obama adds hundreds of invertebrates, plants to Endangered Species list

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Delisting endangered species is also often subjective. USFW, tasked with assessing and listing potentially threatened and endangered species, often adds species to the list with no clear criteria for recovery.

Fed Wildfire Mis-management Burdens States

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Two Arizona witnesses provided perspective on how to change the federal government’s approach to wildfires and forest management.

Federal Ownership of State Lands Impedes National Prosperity

Posted by in American Lands, Federal Agency Overreach

Federal public lands shall become state public lands to be managed in accordance with state and local plans.

When Federal “Protection” of Public Lands does More Harm than Good

Posted by in Federal Agency Overreach, Western Resources

Monument-backers know Browns Canyon has been managed since 1980 as a wilderness study area. That’s just about the highest level of protection a piece of federal land can get.

The Secret BLM Plan to Close Off 140 Million Acres

Posted by in Environmentalism, Federal Agency Overreach, Public Lands

The BLM, in concert with other agencies such as the National Park Service and Forest Service, plans to shut off roughly 1/10 of open American lands to human activity.

Feds Go Cuckoo over Western Land Grab

Posted by in Environmentalism, Federal Agency Overreach, Government Overreach

Two Utah congressmen say the public needs more time to weigh in on a “sweeping” proposal to designate more than a half-million acres as critical habitat for the Western yellow- billed cuckoo.

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