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Federally-controlled Lands DO NOT benefit working families

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Individuals who have earned their wealth elsewhere bring it to the elite locations when they move or retire near parks paid for by the public. The individuals who move often enjoy lower tax rates on their passive income. The locals who benefit are those who sell or rent real estate — there is no matching, positive effect on local wages.

Are federal policies and aggressive agencies purposefully driving people out of rural West?

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Environmentalism, Federal Overreach

The politicians and the environmentalists learned there was a lot of money to be made by eliminating the rural people and the jobs that were associated with natural resources.

A Conservative environmentalist reveals how federal “protection” destroys public grazing lands

Posted by in Environmentalism, Public Lands, Range Wars

If environmental groups and government agencies truly want to achieve their stated mission they’ll have to open their eyes to the damage caused by what they call “protection.”

USFS Environmentalist No Logging Policies Kill Livestock, Wildlife, Trees

Posted by in Environmentalism, Federal Agencies, Forest Service

We have to send a message to the Forest Service and the Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition that people’s lives, homes, properties, and livestock are more important than an ideology.

EPA: All Power and no Responsibility

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The EPA pushed forward, ignoring feedback from residents. A local geologist wrote a letter to the editor just days before the mine spill, warning the agency’s “grand experiment” would fail and the river would be contaminated.

Renewable Power Mandates Headed for Extinction?

Posted by in Energy, Energy Policy, Environmentalism

The year 2015 may go down in the books as the year support for renewable energy died.

Colorado Lawmakers Oppose Outrageous BLM Road Closures

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Environmentalism, Government Overreach

“We want Gov. Hickenlooper to take the message to our Washington landlords that throwing people off public lands, by closing-off access routes, directly threatens our Western economy and culture. The agency doesn’t appear to have gotten that message through the normal public process.”

Under Government’s Green Thumb

Posted by in Energy Policy, Environmentalism, Green Energy

Texas ratepayers have paid an enormous sum to expand the transmission system to support the (state’s green energy) mandate.

Native Americans harmed by new Obama fracking regulations

Posted by in Energy Policy, Environmentalism, Fracking

The Department of the Interior’s new fracking regulations make it harder for American Indians to compete and to have their shot at the American dream.

EPA: “Saving” the Environment will Kill Ya

Posted by in Energy Policy, Environmentalism, Fossil Fuels

“These numbers are sort of like kryptonite for the EPA,” Bailey said in a telephone interview. “They do not like to admit that the Clean Power Plan will have no effect on global climate change.”

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