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Is this private school getting public money to push radical environmentalism?

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SUWA is infamous for what some refer to as dirty tricks and others refer to as lies, in garnering donations from supporters through near-hysterical ads portraying oil rigs in national parks, and similar scare tactics.

Caprock Academy: How does this Western Colorado charter school stack up?

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Caprock students receive continuous Latin and Spanish instruction, from Kindergarten through twelfth-grade. According to Natasha Watts, learning Latin has given her sons a deeper understanding of language, and the historical and literary value in the books they read.

Avoiding political commentary, Former Bundy attorney produces ‘unannotated’ pocket Constitution

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Pocket-sized versions of the United States Constitution have been carried for years by patriots and activists eager to understand its contents and apply its tenets in everyday discourse.

The Monster that Ate the American Education System

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Although I am using Vollmer’s list in it’s original form, my purpose in using it is not to support the growth of government-run education, but instead to reveal how many parental responsibilities have been taken up by public schools.

Twisted Thanksgiving: I’m Thankful for these Things that Suck

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I’m thankful for the fact that some of my articles piss people off because…that always results in higher traffic to, and a buttload of exposure!

APUSH Gives Founding Fathers an “F”

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From the perspective of revisionists, at the heart of our country’s history—like the history of any other powerful nation—lies the pursuit of empire, of dominion over others.

The Aggressive Anti-Americanism of New AP History

Posted by in Common Core, Education, Progressivism

The Framework’s admitted omission of so many prominent Americans is troubling.

How American History Improves Educational Achievement

Posted by in Constitution, Education

A number of our social problems and political divisions come from the inability of people to formulate and conform to a national identity. Minorities fail to assimilate properly because they’re not taught what it means to be an American. Even non-immigrant students are sometimes confused about what is right with America, what is wrong about our history, and whether or not they should be proud of their country.

How Illegal Minors Are Stealing Your Kid’s Education

Posted by in Education, Illegal immigration

If you’re doing the math, that works out to nearly $20,000 per student. Why so high? In a nutshell, it costs more to document underprivileged students for whom English is a second language.

School Trust Land Grants: How Oil and Gas can Power Colorado Schools

Posted by in Education, Energy, Fracking

The federal government in 1787 issued School Trust land grants. These land grants were awarded knowing new states would need reliable income to establish and sustain public education. Today, the State Land Board manages these acres with a mandate to generate revenues for schools and education.

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