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Native American reservations: America’s failed Socialist experiment

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Imagine a country that has a corrupt authoritarian government. In that country no one knows about checks and balances or an independent court system. Private property is not recognized in that country either. Neither can one buy or sell land. And businesses are reluctant to bring investments into this country. Those who have jobs usually work for the public sector. Those who don’t have jobs subsist on entitlements that provide basic food. At the same time, this country sports a free health care system and free access to education. Can you guess what country it is?

How a touristcentric economy wrecked this Utah town

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Everyone has learned that tourism also brings sprawling growth, crappy jobs, ever-higher rents and home prices, and an increasingly unmanageable crush of visitors and traffic.

VIDEO: The appalling economic, environmental and social costs of federal control

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This video chronicles the crushing cost to counties in the West of federal control over lands and resources.

Conservatives seek to end Obama’s abusive Antiquities Act land-grabs

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Land grabs are killing western towns by preventing economic activity on the lands, such as energy production, timber production and mining.

Obama and radical enviros set to kill coal communities in Northwest Colorado

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Coal communities around Twentymile Mine in northwest Colorado face economic ruin if the company running the massive coal mine goes bankrupt.

Cities pay millions to prop up “money-sucking” recycling enterprises

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Waste Management and other recyclers say that more than 2,000 municipalities are paying to dispose of their recyclables instead of the other way around.

While we Fought Amnesty, Obama Executed a Massive Land Grab

Posted by in Economy, Environmentalism

What in the world does this have to do with defending America against the numerous threats we face? The answer is: nothing.

The “Little Red Hen Principle” at Work in Colorado

Posted by in Ballot Initiatives, Economy, Energy, Fracking

Memo to Colorado Marxist mini states: If you don’t want to explore, dig, extract, transport and process the treasure deep beneath our feet, then you will not enjoy the fruits of those who do.

Are Pubic Employees Wealth Creators or Wealth Destroyers?

Posted by in Economy, Education, Free Markets

The only way any government entity has money is to first confiscate the money from its citizens through taxes.

The Road to Serfdom for Intelligent Dummies

Posted by in Economy, Socialism

The “Austrian School” economic classic, “The Road to Serfdom,” by Fredrich Hayek,” appears below in images that hearken to past decades when trust in government was the norm.

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