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Garco Colorado Democrats use courts to attack Republican candidates

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Finally, take a good look at Mr. Acha’s platform. Other than negative criticism and portraying himself as a government official you will find there is not much there.

Colorado Supreme Court Exempts Itself from State Law

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Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Nancy Rice asked the Legislature last week for more tax money, but afterwards declined to discuss why the judiciary exempted itself from state open records laws, including how her department spends the hundreds of millions of tax dollars it currently receives.

Are Colorado Democrat 527 Groups Breaking the Law?

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Close inspection of a set of Democratic-supporting 527 groups raises a number of questions about both the mechanics and the politics of the Colorado Democracy Alliance’s decade-old strategy.

How Pot Money Fuels Colorado Democrats

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In past two years, FEC records show total pot-related contributions — either from industry PACs or individuals who operate marijuana-related businesses — to Colorado federal candidates were about $20,000.

Immigrants and their Big Government Pharaohs

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In their deprivation the Hebrews enjoyed a measure of security in Egypt, and though they complained and lived daily with the sting of injustice, it would take Moses, a prophet called of God, to incite an insurrection.

More Udall Hypocrisy on “Equal Pay”

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Udall pays his women staffers 86-cents for every dollar earned by the men.

The War Against Citizens in Nevada Doesn’t End with the BLM

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It’s part of a “disturbing trend,” said Matthew Walter, executive director of the State Government Leadership Foundation, the conservative nonprofit behind the ads that earned the ire of Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller.

Colorado Democrats’ Hypocrisy on “Paycheck Equality”

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Republicans in the Colorado Senate supported the idea, so much so, that they offered an amendment to resolve two offices held by top elected officials should offer equal pay for equal work as well: the White House and that of U.S. Sen. Mark Udall.

Sarge on Democrats, Exploitation, and Obama-era “Newspeak”

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Mr President, no one has taken more health insurance policies away from the American people than you have! Since the implementation of Obamacare, over seven million policies have been cancelled, many of them being family policies, as insurance companies struggle to adapt to your “one size fits all” insurance requirements.

Flashback: Mark Udall Flip-flops on Obamacare Fix

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Udall co-wrote the Continuous Coverage Act with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-NH after attending a meeting with the president and voicing his concerns. Then came news that only 106,185 people had enrolled in Obamacare while 4 million have been served with cancellation notices.

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