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POOPGATE: Who’s spreading feces at EPA? McCarthy hinders IG probe

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The EPA said the agency will continue to not share information with the inspector general of its investigations into its employees, who have been caught watching porn at work for up to six hours a day, and spreading fecesin hallways.

Former BLM chief suspected in corrupt Nevada land deal

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Corruption, Federal Abuse

“Her actions appeared to violate federal regulations that prohibit preferential treatment and the improper use of nonpublic information,” the report said.

EPA may have broken federal lobbying law with anti-farmer campaign

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Several federal lawmakers have said What’s Upstream was an apparent violation. Violations can be punished with fines ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 per expenditure.

Russian Uranium cash behind Clinton/Obama war on Western ranchers

Posted by in Corruption, Natural Resources, Ranching

The sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States.

EPA stashing $6.3 billion in shady accounts, refuses to divulge expenditures

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials have accumulated at least $6.3 billion in more than 1,300 obscure spending accounts akin to slush funds.

Brilliant Solution to Diseased, Overcrowded D.C. Environment

Posted by in Corruption, Federal Control, Wildfires

Washington, D.C. wildfires are crucial to the restoration of a healthy political environment.

EPA officials illegally collude with radical “green” groups to formulate national policy

Posted by in Corruption, Environmental extremism, Federal Regulations

An extreme level of collusion exists between the EPA and ‘green’ groups to write significant rules that have a dramatic impact on this country’s energy sector and overall economy.

Possible FBI misconduct, cover up in LaVoy Finicum killing, gets national attention

Posted by in Corruption, Federal militarism

The possibility that FBI agents failed to report their shots, and perhaps even took steps to conceal them, is fueling militia claims that Finicum was assassinated by the government.

Why are Feds hiding evidence related to the killing of LaVoy Finicum?

Posted by in Corruption, Federal militarism, First Amendment

The feds want this evidence sealed from anyone not directly involved with the case, including the media.

EPA: Puppet Agency of Radical Environmentalists

Posted by in Corruption, Federal Agencies

The sue-and-settle approach, or “regulation through litigation”, obtains consent decrees from cherry-picked courts based upon prearranged settlement agreements [between EPA and environmental organizations.]

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