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Why the Cuba Deal Is Bad for Cuba

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Opening markets cannot magically transform totalitarian regimes into democracies — at least, not as long as the rulers maintain a stranglehold over civil society.

Confucius Shrugged

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Absent the “all men created equal” and “government by the people” ideals of the United States, Confucius nevertheless encouraged respect for citizens by rulers, respect for the rulers by citizens, and respect for the individual duties given to each man to regulate his own actions, thus promoting peace and order for all. One might refer to Confucianism as a sort of benevolent Collectivism which, tragically, may have made the Communist victory in China easier than it would have been in a western Democracy.

Fall of Saigon: The Deadly Peace of 1975

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killer hippies

I am writing these books so that Vietnam Veteranss can set their grand children on their knees and open the pages to an era, not of shame or failure, but of heroism, goodness, and Military victories, during the Vietnam War.

Will Soviet Genocide in Ukraine be Repeated?

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If past is prologue, we should all be alarmed by the wanton aggression of the Putin regime as it illegally annexes Crimea, as well as the impotence and fecklessness of the Obama Administration as it hems and haws over how to “punish” the emerging Russian super power with minor economic sanctions.

Norman Rockwell’s Communist Sympathies

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While Rockwell was doing a Michelangelo, his inspiration, FDR, was trying to figure out how to take down and re-build the United States Constitution. In FDR’s 1944 State of the Union Speech he schooled Americans on the virtues of big government.

Did Communism Nearly Wipe Out the Plymouth Pilgrims?

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The terrible mistake in this decision was that the very viruses, infections, and parasites that plagued them on the Mayflower, would be carried into another space where, again, they would dwell in close quarters.

The Ever Despicable Hanoi Jane

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This was done by the Communists that Jane Fonda supported.

The latest spittle in the face of Americans who remember the Vietnam Era, is the news that Fonda has been chosen to play Nancy Reagan in an upcoming film titled “The Butler.”

Communist Goals: Mission Accomplished?

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Have you read the transcript of the “Communist Goals” submitted into the Congressional Record on January 10, 1963? Forty-nine years ago these stated goals of the Communist Party, gleaned through the rigorous research of Cleon Skousen, were divulged to the United States Congress in an effort to alert the nation to the dangers of Communism and the conspiratorial plans to implement those goals in every aspect of western culture.


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Capitalism is where people with diverse attributes, varying levels of creativity and skill, physical strength, and personal passions can each find prosperity by simply exchanging value for value the dreams encapsulated in their hearts.

The Most Toxic Children’s Book of All Time

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The real, and very dark philosophy at the roots of The Giving Tree, is one of utter nihilism; the sacrifice of oneself for another who lacks the capacity to reciprocate, and the subordination of self-interest to a child’s self-absorbed and malcontent quest for sustenance through the destruction of the life of the one entity that loves him.

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