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Leftist “climate denier” witch hunt enriches billionaire greenie, Steyer

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Steyer was even able to purchase some planks in the Democrat Party Platform, which was drafted by a committee that included numerous well-documented communists, socialists, and other extremists.

EPA regulations intentionally crushing domestic fossil fuels industries

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); they’re passing these regulations that are intentionally designed to shut down our domestic energy industry.”

Liz Cheney on EPA: We need a revolution on regulations

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The EPA “epitomizes everything that is wrong with the federal government” and proposes declaring that it is agency non grata in Wyoming. State Rep. Tim Stubson said Congress should do more to trim “governmental overreach.”

Manatees threatened by EPA closure of power plants

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One of the greatest threats to the manatee is loss of habitat, including the closure of power plants that create warm water refuges for manatees during winter months.

Hickenlooper flips off Coloradans, ignores SCOTUS ruling to pursue EPA clean power plan

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What the governor is saying is that regardless of what the U.S. Supreme Court says or does, he is going to implement the EPA’s plan.

Billions more get sucked into Obama’s “green energy” scam hole

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Abengoa, which has gotten $2.7 billion in federal subsidies, filed for U.S. bankruptcy protection after already filing for bankruptcy in Spain.

Why is it so freaking cold? White House says, “because it’s too freaking hot.”

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On January 8, 2014, the White House posted a controversial video claiming that global warming causes more severe winter cold.

Congressional Climate Bully goes after Colorado Scientist

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“Publicly singling out specific researchers based on perspectives they have expressed and implying a failure to appropriately disclose funding sources sends a chilling message to all academic researchers,” the group wrote.

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