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Why Zero-tolerance Policies Increase Bullying

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Personal and civil peace is not engendered by passivity because the worst elements of humanity, bullies, will always seek to dominate the weak. Peace is kept when force is confronted by strength and adults and children alike know they are free to fight back when necessary.

The War on Childhood Part One: Cupcakes and Lemonade Stands

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Leftist food control freaks decades ago identified rich, comforting desserts as a threat to humankind, and set out on a quest to shame cupcakes, brownies, cookies and all things baked.

Gagging Doctors and Counselors: The Ban on “Gay to Straight” Therapy

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Children are the most likely individuals to be beset with confusion about their sexual identity. The years prior to adulthood are also the best time to help a confused child navigate that confusion, and with proper models and guidance, connect with the true identity that will ensure they have the best shot at lasting happiness and satisfaction.

The Art of Being Irresistible

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Teresa, with her cognitive deficits, her physical struggles, and the barriers placed by nature and social stigma between her and what most regard as fulfillment, are not quite as daunting when measured against her ability to connect with another’s heart.

Santa IS White, But does it Really Matter?

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The image of Santa Claus is merely an expression of the values imparted to children by parents. Black, pasty-white, yellow or olive, Santa Claus in all his jolly fatness is most importantly a reflection of our own morality.

Halloween: Two Sides of the Masque

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Halloween being widely accepted as an appropriate party-time for teens and adults of all ages, summons untoward tendencies for vandalism, theft, and public drunkenness in some who use revelry and anonymity as cloaks for their crimes.

Yertle the Turtle Goes to Therapy with the Little Red Hen

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Get on your knees and become my chair. I’m the ruler of the earth, I am creation’s heir! I am master of all that I see! The chaise lounge, the silk plants, the flat screen TV!

Douglas County Colorado: Epicenter of Successful School Reform

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Numbers reported by Dougco and by the state show teacher turnover rates in line with previous years and with neighboring districts—a somewhat remarkable feat given the fast-paced fundamental changes occurring.

Target-Rich, Gun-Free Zones

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It does not have to be that way, but it is and it is going to get much worse. Politicians throughout this country are testing the political winds, posturing and making speeches about how much they care about the victims of this latest round of executions at school.

The Most Toxic Children’s Book of All Time

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The real, and very dark philosophy at the roots of The Giving Tree, is one of utter nihilism; the sacrifice of oneself for another who lacks the capacity to reciprocate, and the subordination of self-interest to a child’s self-absorbed and malcontent quest for sustenance through the destruction of the life of the one entity that loves him.

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