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Private management and Capitalism saved the American Bison

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The wild-roaming bison had been hunted mercilessly to the brink of destruction, but widespread private ownership allowed them to flourish.

Squanto: Interpreter, Teacher, Savior

Posted by in American History, Thanksgiving

John Alden and Priscilla Mullins took passage to the New World on the Mayflower.

Save the American War Mural at this Colorado VA Medical Center from PC Insanity

Posted by in American History, Veterans

VA National Director Orders 72-Year-Old Artist To Remove Confederate Flag From His Civil War Mural

Old Sarge: The Day Freedom Slammed into Hitler’s Atlantic Wall

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The fate of the Free World hung in the balance, as about 180,000 Americans, British, Canadians, and Free French slammed themselves against Hitler’s Atlantic Wall and the most disciplined and ruthless army in history.

Why We Miss President Reagan

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He was the figure that defined presidential weakness, misguided intentions, and inept foreign policy. Jimmy Carter was a hard-left Liberal in most aspects of his governance and American suffered for it.

John Otto is Dead, and He Hates Bolsheviks

Posted by in American History, Colorado Politics, Patriotism

Those now condescendingly making claim to John Otto’s “dream” to advocate for his gem to become a federal albatross around the neck of Western Colorado, would also likely make Otto’s enemies list.

Flag Day: All Old Glory Represents

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Old Glory, our nation’s symbol and the image of liberty throughout the world, was retired. The cycle of generations, whether it be of a cloth artifact, threadbare and faded, or the Republic for which it stands, returns the old to ash and the new to a perch in the sky.

Though 70 Years Have Passed, The Legacy of D-Day Remains

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In many ways, D-Day was America’s battle. Every branch of the armed forces fought during the invasion of Normandy. The Navy delivered the troops. The (Army) Air Force took command of the sky. Sixty U.S. Coast Guard cutters provided search and rescue. Even a handful of Marines were on hand. And 160,000 GIs hit the beaches.

Saving the Vietnamese Orphans: The Story of Operation Babylift

Posted by in American History, Veterans, Vietnam War

The words “Operation Babylift” had a muted familiarity to me. I was 13 years old at the time the United States Military was forced by the 94th Congress to pull out of Southeast Asia. But my interest grew and Bob described to me an event which would come to be known as one of the greatest humanitarian efforts of the 20th Century.

Old Sarge on the JFK Assassination

Posted by in American Government, American History, History

JFK pushed for a strong military, he hated Communism, and he cut taxes severely, producing an economic boom.

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