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Will America Survive the Age of Obama?

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Most would agree as well that America is navigating the most perilous arc in that predictable cycle of glory and destruction that has claimed in some measure every significant society the world has ever known.

Pro-Gun, Pro-Life: Conservative Hypocrisy?

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Progressives equate guns with violence, while advocating abortion as an acceptable “choice” which needs no rationale other than a woman’s whim. Despite the progressive proclivity to inflict violence on the unborn, they simply cannot understand the Conservative ethos of protecting life with an effective mechanism for defense. But Life and Guns are two rights, that to the moral citizen, are in complete harmony.

Colorado Democrats: This is What “War on Women” Looks Like

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The quality of being ‘past feeling’ is acquired incrementally, but Democrats are the party that callously disregards the needs of individuals. Progressives do not strive to create conditions under which people can prosper, they seek control of the individual on behalf of the illusory “collective.” They’ve become hardened to the suffering of individuals, and do all within their power to make government the only means of succor for ‘the masses.’

Why Colorado Gun-Control Bills Will Make the State More Dangerous

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This incoherent piece of legislation begs the question: if a man wants to give a firearm to another man who he loves and lives with, will the government insert itself into the private activities of two gay men by forcing one to perform a background check on the other? If Speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino considers this possibility, it could be a game changer for this awful bill.

Yes Mr. President, the NRA Does Represent American Gun Owners

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The gun owners of America, affiliated with NRA or not, do not trust their own government. To wit: there are currently “41 Right-to-Carry states, with 49 states offering some avenue for armed self-defense outside the home.”

Amputating the Diseased Limb

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As B. Hussein Obama pointed out in his speech yesterday, at least half the nation will not join him in his vision of ‘unity.’ Why?–because his vision of unity consists of the absence of dissent, and his method of reaching that goal is the destruction of God, the Constitution of the United States, and the economic freedom that blesses us with the ability to be independent from the state.

Gun-Free Zones: Open Invitations to Psychopathic Killers

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The slaughter of innocents in Newton, Connecticut has served to illustrate the absolute necessity of having armed personnel on all school campuses. The Aurora killings have exposed the absurdity behind “gun free zones” in commercial businesses.

Scavenging the Bodies of Children

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Instead of bringing comfort to the stricken, they are scavenging the bodies of those babies like opportunistic animals looking for politically expedient carrion upon which to fatten their ambitions and further their agendas. The government/media complex has managed to turn a small-town tragedy into a national obscenity.

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