Book Review: “The Suckiest Generation” by Hamish MacGolly

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January 23. 2013

MacGolly’s work has exhaustively connected the dots between the early influences of totalitarian doctrines to the modern problems of economic ruination, the destruction of the family, and really, really crappy television programs.


The New York Spleen’s best selling book by Hamish MacGolly titled “The Suckiest Generation” has certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy. His incisive scrutiny of the generation that followed The Greatest Generation has left ‘Baby Boomers’ scratching their collective heads, wondering, ‘what the hell did we just do?’

I’m a late Baby Boomer, having been born sometime shortly after the Edsel, but I was not personally insulted by MacGolly’s treatise on how my generation destroyed America. Instead, as I read the book while sitting in my cardboard box at the corner of 7th and Main, I had an uneasy feeling that he may be right. Let’s look at the book chapter by chapter to discern how ‘The Suckiest Generation’ went about dismantling ‘America the Beautiful.’


In this introductory chapter MacGolly blames some members of the s0-called ‘greatest generation‘ for the end of Western Civilization. Euro-Progressive cooties were transmitted into the United States in the early 1900’s via high society and higher education, especially in the more elite eastern universities. Communists found Hollywood, and the entertainment biz in general, easy to infiltrate. The first half of the 20th Century in America was a time of secularization and the take-over by government of those duties traditionally performed by families and churches, such as caring for the indigent and elderly. Although the Baby Boomers came along after our Marxist social metamorphosis was well underway, the pop-culture elites of the Baby Boom generation picked up where Wilsonian Progressives left off and perpetuated their legacy of secularism, socialism, and moral degeneracy.

The Suckiest Generation was still quite young when those who exposed the Communist infiltration of America’s institutions were marginalized and their brand forever tarnished among elites in the press and academia. Nevertheless, the effective vilification of figures like John Birch, Cleon Skousen, and Joseph McCarthy cleared the way for the spread of Marxist doctrines into public schools, churches, literature, and culture.  The author, Hamish MacGolly, describes this process as, “the commie pinko influence that turned rugged American individualists into blubbering, godless perverts.”

MacGolly’s work has exhaustively connected the dots between the early influences of totalitarian doctrines to the modern problems of economic ruination, the destruction of the family, and really, really crappy television programs.


In the second chapter MacGolly, a Baby Boomer himself, follows his sucky compatriots from the 1960’s through the Lewinsky era.  The author maps out the moral failings of The Suckiest Generation, which originated on the opposite coasts of America, and eventually spread to the heartland. He makes the astonishing claim that the decline of America is directly correlated to the use of marijuana. From ‘Reefer Madness’ to the legalization of pot in many of the states, academic achievement and religious observance trend downward precipitously while divorce, out-of-wedlock births, poverty, addiction, government growth, mental illness, crime, and suicide trend dizzyingly upward.

Hamish MacGolly traces the fall from grace of The Suckiest Generation, beginning with the ‘sexual revolution’ of the mid-century throught the legalization of abortion and into the moral sewer of the Clinton era. Baby Boomers managed, in one generation, to defame marriage and make shacking-up the norm, legitimize and glamorize unwed motherhood, and castrate and subdue men to such a degree that the nuclear family now seems arcane. MacGolly convincingly asserts that moral decline has lead inevitably to America’s diminishing power and position on the world stage.  He uses a poetic flair to draw connections between sex, drugs, and the population of stupid people who currently run the government:

From Ike to dyke you’ve traveled today

With a Lewinsky our liberty has gone away

The Suckiest Generation ashamed should be

you screwed up this once awesome coun-try

From moon shot to Obama phones the trail you blazed

A generation of pot-head kids you’ve raised

you killed the family, you castrated dad

The Suckiest Generation makes me really sad

~Hamish MacGolly~


MacGolly, winner of the coveted ‘Probing Finger of Journalism’ award for 2003, passionately asserts that the Baby Boomers will forever be remembered as The Suckiest Generation because the destruction of the West began with them, and although they could have curbed the national decay that threatened the United States, they failed to stop the reelection of a narcissistic Marxist man-child to the presidency. The author theorizes that one of two courses of action were followed by Baby Boomers in the critical election of 2012. They smoked pot, got hungry, stopped by the polls to cast their ballots for Hussein, then went home and slept until 2016–or–they smoked pot, ate too many pork skins, passed out before they could get to the polls, and slept until 2016. Either way, it appears that The Suckiest Generation has left America in a hole that they are too old, too apathetic, and too fat to dig out of.

In a bold stroke of perspicacity, Hamish MacGolly says in the book’s final paragraph, “What the hell is wrong with you people? You have the greatest country every conceived of upon the face of the earth, and you want to toy with it like a balloon fetishist toys with an inflatable orca!” He continues, “You Baby Boomers suck! All you do is have sex, get fat, listen to that Hip Hop garbage, and spend your country into debt for centuries to come. If I was a wizard I would blast your a**es to kingdom come! I hate you all. Get away from my Cheetos!”

For boldness, insight, and the ability to summarize all of American’s problems into one cheeky title, Hamish MacGolly gets two thumbs up for his incendiary page-turner, “The Suckiest Generation.”

by Marjorie Haun  1/23/13

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