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George W. Bush did it

August 14, 2011

Hey there kids! Welcome to another thrilling round of Mad Lib-erals.  Don’t worry, it’s easy to play.  Just take a sentence from a news story and pick  funny words to put in the blanks for a session of gut-splitting fun.  For practice, let’s start with the highly popular Governor of Colorado:

John _____ (slobber dropper, Hickenlooper, pimple popper), the Governor of the great ______ (state, carbuncle, aneurysm) of Colorado, has an _____ (PSI, MPG, approval) rating of 54%.  Governor _____ (goober licker, flop jigger, Hickenlooper) is rumored to be _____ (thinking, hand-flapping, scratching )about  running for ______ (toilet brush, infected hair, President) in 2016. That would certainly put his background as a ______ (sphincter, micro-brewer, lap dancer) to the test. Good ______ (luck, riddance, grief), Governor ______ (bunion rubber, phlegm  scrubber, Hickenlooper).

So, that’s how we play Mad Lib-erals. Are your ready to get silly? Then, LET’S GO!

The week began with the ______ (downgrade, buggery, bra burning) of the nation’s credit ______ (nematode, rating, abcess). President ______ (Not me, Bush did it, Obama) blamed the economic ______ (kumquats, malaise, catastrophe) on ______ (lederhosen, Ron Paul, crop dusters). President ______ (giblet scooper, poopie pants, Obama) has, as a result, lost a great deal of ______ (support, butt putty, goulash) from the ______ (slobberknockers, Independents, sphincters) who ______ (palpitated, squatted, voted) for him in 2008.  Many ______(voters, snake milkers, ungulates) have expressed _____ (phlegm, dismay, Hickenlooper) at the President’s fiscal ______ (policies, lederhosen, air biscuits).

Earlier this week _____ (Senator, ventilator, anal gland) Barney ______ (shank, blank, Frank) was a ______ ( hangnail, guest, oyster floater) on the Rachel ______ (eye shadow, Maddow, moo cow) show. It appears that Senator _____ (spank, yank, crank) ripped a major ______ (vapor, death cloud, poonami) right in the middle of his _____ (interview, seizure, explosion) on live television. Emergency responders were called to the ______ (set, tavern, petting zoo) to render aid to the stricken ______ (bleb, Senator, lollipop) who had apparently ______ (soiled, ignited, ruptured) the entire lower half of his body at the time he ______ (played a poopie tune, killed the canary, baked an air biscuit) in the _____ (cesspool, studio, hookah lounge) at MSNBC.

The big news centered on the ______ (hunchbacked, Midwestern, itchy) state of Iowa. The Iowa Straw _____ (nodule, poontang, poll) is the unofficial ______ (hump monkey, beginning, rutabaga) of the primary ______ (infection, implosion, election) season.  Libertarian ______ (sex poodle, pin cushion, candidate) Ron Paul took second place behind United States ______ (Congresswoman, pole dancer, eyebrow threader) Michele Bachmann. The ______ (popularity, tweaking, hand flapping) of Congressman Paul never ceases to ______ (disgust, nauseate, amaze) most Americans.  He was especially ______ (bipolar, impaired, embarrassing) at the Republican presidential ______ (debate, petting zoo, arm wrestle) when he openly advocated ______ (drooling, public urination, human sacrifice) in front of millions of ______ (aliens, Ron Paul supporters, chicken sexers).

There you have it! Another _____ (oozing, regurgitating , thrilling) round of Mad Lib-erals. Please _____ (shizzle, medicate, join) me next week when we ______ (bust a move, fist pump, lambada) our friends, the ______ (Krauts, WOPS, Micks) with Politically Incorrect Mad Liberals!

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