BLM wrecks Recapture trail AFTER fining citizens $96K who used it for an OHV ride

 BLM Destroys the Recapture Trail

as originally published by The Petroglyph

Last year, Phil Lyman and Monte Wells, two elected officials from San Juan County, Utah, were sentenced to federal prison and fined nearly $100,000.00 in restitution for “damage” purportedly done to the trail in Recapture Canyon. Lyman and Wells, were charged after the Bureau of Land Management infiltrated a “Freedom Ride” they organized in 2014 to protest the agency’s arbitrary closure of Recapture Canyon to motorized vehicles. The protest ride consisted of a parade of off-highway-vehicles, mostly 4-wheelers, and caused no damage to the trail other than ordinary wear and tear associated with 4-wheelers on dirt roads.

The following is pictoral compilation of lasting damage recently caused by the BLM itself.

Hat tip, The Petroglyph

The BLM has gone into Recapture Canyon since the protest and built what they want people to believe are water bars to help prevent erosion.  Here are some pictures that show the alleged water bars that have been built.


#1 Water bar is not constructed to divert the water.




These are not water bars these are trail obstacles created to prevent any further travel down the trail plain and simple.   Here are some pictures from the internet that show what real water bars look like.  You have to remember that the water bar has to be constructed to channel the water and maintain access.


Trench water bar to handle bigger volumes of water but there is no blockage to the road or trail.


Trail with several log water bars


Rock water bar buried and operational


Another style of rock water bar but the trail is still passable


Rock water bar being constructed burying the rocks to keep bar from washing out and to keep the trail open.

Figure 3

Small trench water bar


Larger berm water bar for a trail or road


Log water bar

Those water bars look totally different than what the BLM has done in Recapture.   Here are some instructions on how to build for different types of water bars.


Rock Water Bar




Comparing the Recapture water bars to the different type of water bars and their construction diagrams it is clear to see what the BLM has  really done in Recapture Canyon.  They weren’t creating water bars they were closing the trail by create far more damage to the area than the protesters caused on May 10, 2014.

This video by Friends of Cedar Mesa shows the trail in the first photo’s marked #1 and #2.  Compare how the trail looked on May 10 to how it looks now.

Recapture Canyon-Trail conditions after the atv protest ride from Joshua Ewing on Vimeo.

It is clear that the BLM is placing obstacles in the trail to close it.  The photos clearly show that the recent BLM work on the trail has done more damage than the protesters ever thought of doing.  One should assume that the Recapture Trail is closed permanently instead of temporarily with the BLM’s new trail constructions.   Once again the BLM is violating their own laws and regulations.


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