BLM wants to take more public lands out of public hands in southwest Colorado

March 12, 2016

BLM targets “sensitive” lands in Southwest Colorado

Improved management sought to prevent damages

Image: Map of TRFO RMP Planning Area

The BLM’s Tres Rios office in Dolores is proposing to designate 16 new sections of public lands in Southwest Colorado as “areas of critical environmental concern.”

Comments should be received by April 4. Written comments should be directed to the BLM, Attn. Gina Jones, 2465 S. Townsend, Montrose, CO 81401, or submitted electronically to

Officials are seeking comment on the proposal, which includes re-analyzing two such areas. In all, the proposal covers 130,000 acres in Montezuma, Dolores, San Miguel, San Juan and Montrose counties.

Critical environmental concern areas need special management attention to protect and prevent irreparable damage to important historic, cultural and scenic values; fish, wildlife resources or other natural systems or processes; or to protect human life and safety from natural hazards. The areas do not receive additional funding.

“We are considering these areas for special features such as occupied Gunnison Sage-Grouse habitat, archaeological sites, rare plants, alpine tundra and paleontological sites,” said Tres Rios field manager Connie Clementson.

Many of the nominated areas being evaluated are on the Lower Dolores River basin including 650 acres of Coyote Wash, 12,000 acres in the Dolores River Canyon, 3,600 acres in the Slick Rock area, 24,000 acres in the Snaggletooth section, 3,000 acres in McIntyre Canyon, 700 acres at Livey’s Pocket and 700 acres at Muleshoe Bench.

Other local areas proposed for the critical environmental concern title include 1,300 acres at the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park, 2,700 acres in Disappointment Valley, 25,500 acres in Spring Creek Basin area where there is a herd of wild horses, 4,000 acres at Northdale near Dove Creek and 35,000 acres at Dry Creek Basin.

On BLM land near Silverton, the areas of Cinnamon Pass, Cement Creek and Lake Como are proposed for inclusion.

An area of Anasazi Culture at Mud Springs (1,200 acres) and the Big and Little Gypsum Valleys (13,200 acres) are designated as critical environmental concern areas, and are being re-evaluated.

Congress mandated that the BLM consider designating such areas through the Federal Land Policy and Management Act.

“After the public scoping, the BLM will review the comments and develop an Environmental Assessment,” said Shannon Borders, BLM public information officer. “If designated as an ACEC, the BLM determines what management prescriptions are necessary to protect the relevant and important values.”

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  1. Jack Meyers

    stop stealing our resources for the lies of the environmentalist Nature Nazis that sit in a an aprtment and think they are saving the world by closing it off to good use ..such as cattle grazing huntung fishing mining exploring and so on! you have closed places i used to drive to when i was young now I’m to old to walk .Stop it its WRONG!

  2. Dale Demuth

    Thank-you for allowing public comment on the topic!
    I am opposed to this and all other closures of public lands!
    I am a responsible user of the public spaces. i have taught my children
    and grandchildren to use these lands responsibly.
    I want these lands to be open to all sorts of recreational use for generations to come.
    As i continue to grow older, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to access our beautiful natural resources. Having had 4 knee surgeries,3 back surgeries and broke bones in my feet 6 times ; hiking and biking is becoming more and more difficult ball of the time.


    Thank-you again,

    D. Demuth
    246 Cty. Rd. 1C
    Montrose, Colorado

    • Dale, Thank you. We need to keep in mind that these lands belong to us, but are under the control of the federal government. Yes, they’re public lands, but a more descriptive term would be “federally-controlled lands.”

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