Barack Obama and the Fake Black Experience

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July 23, 2013

Herein lies the key difference between Ben Carson and Barack Obama. Ben Carson’s personal philosophy has been shaped by experience. Barack Obama’s political ideology has been concocted by coaches, handlers, and an army of image makers.


The power of meekness and humility, as embodied in the form of Dr. Benjamin Carson, swept the conservative world this last week. It’s not a contradiction in terms to say the “power of meekness and humility” in reference to Ben Carson. Dr. Benjamin Carson, Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, as he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, bore a gentle demeanor, a quiet presence, and a strength of conviction that overpowered Barack Obama, and made him seem effete and irresolute in contrast. This apparent contrast was not theoretical. It was discernible in the President’s pinched face as he sat in the shadow of this great man, a man of letters, accomplishments, and irreproachable character, who stole the spotlight–and the narrative of the ‘African-American experience’ from Obama–as he related his years as a poor black child growing up in America.

Dr. Benjamin Carson was raised in Detroit by his single mother who worked multiple jobs to support her little family. He lived in poverty, struggled in school, had no one to prop him up but himself and his loving and determined Christian mom. His story, one of economic and social challenges, was not unusual for many blacks who grew up in the 1950s and 60s. But his achievements, which brought him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, as presented by George W. Bush in 2008, and life story, comprise the authentic tale of a poor black child rising to the top against the odds–without help from the government. Dr. Carson’s is the factual black experience that Barack Obama’s mentors and handlers have attempted to superimpose on his life to lend credibility and authority where there are none.

The National Prayer Breakfast on February 7, 2013, was a lens which brought into focus how the persona of Barack Obama has been contrived, tweaked, and nipped and tucked to fabricate the street credentials of a struggling black kid growing up in America. But under scrutiny it becomes clear that Obama has no such credentials and was just an upper-middle class kid who had some interesting experiences, went to an elite prep school, and was pushed to the top of the American experience by Affirmative Action, cheating, and political dirty deeds.

Barack Obama grew up in paradise. Raised in Hawaii by his rabidly socialist mother and grandparents, having had some exposure to his Muslim father, who abandoned him, and his Muslim step-dad, who was a decent man but was abandoned by his mother once he began to espouse the virtues of Capitalism, B. Hussein Obama never wanted for anything. Surely his abandonment by his biological dad must have caused him psychological distress. But as a half-black kid growing up in an upper-middle class family in Hawaii, he never suffered the consequences of his foolishness. He was a druggie. His mentor was a Communist. He coasted through high school. And he was accepted into Columbia University on the lie that he was a ‘foreign student,’ thus taking advantage of his step-dad’s name and his years spent in Indonesia.

Records of Obama’s college years are mysteriously absent. But somehow this druggie, Communist-mentored, half-black, half-Muslim kid became editor of the Harvard Law Review. Interestingly there is no evidence that he ever wrote for the Law Review, but somehow he got the gig. Does any of this sound like the “black experience” in America? Propped up by Socialists, domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, operatives David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, and real estate scam artist Tony Rezko, Obama rose up through the political swamps of Chicago, then the state of Illinois, and spent half a term in the United States Senate before being catapulted into the White House by the Democrat machine. Obama’s story is not one of overcoming adversity, it is one of overcoming the constraints of the law. Obama’s story is not one of hard work, high standards, and character-building failures, it is one of ease and privilege, moral duplicity, and a complete lack of accountability for bad associations and destructive policies. Barack Obama is still the lackadaisical 14 year old, high on power, and immune to the consequences of his deplorable failures of leadership.

The human spirit responds when truth is spoken and that’s why Ben Carson’s understated speech at the National Prayer Breakfast has resounded with such force through the political countryside. He IS real. His struggles through adversity and poverty are congruous, and they have shaped his character into that of a thoughtful, loving, patriotic, and conservative-minded man. And herein lies the key difference between Ben Carson and Barack Obama. Ben Carson’s personal philosophy has been shaped by experience. Barack Obama’s political ideology has been concocted by coaches, handlers, and an army of image makers. Ben Carson, not unlike luminaries Herman Cain, Niger Innis, and Thomas Sowell,  has the affirmation of an authentic Civil-Rights Era black background underpinning and adding poignancy to his achievements. Barack Obama adjures a veiled history, an inflated resume’, and the decrepit credentials of a fake black experience.

by Marjorie Haun  47/23/13

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