Avoiding political commentary, Former Bundy attorney produces ‘unannotated’ pocket Constitution

August 11, 2016

Pocket-sized versions of the United States Constitution have been carried for years by patriots and activists eager to understand its contents and apply its tenets in everyday discourse, and most significantly, to hold elected officials accountable to their oaths to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States. Recent news makers have created a buzz–and a market for pocket Constitutions, including Ammon Bundy and Kazir Khan.

Rancher Ammon Bundy, currently imprisoned by the federal government for a 2014 standoff with the Bureau of Land Management, keeps a version of the Constitution produced and annotated by the Center for Constitutional Studies.

Kazir Khan, in an address to the Democrat National Convention, also brought attention to what appears to be a pocket Constitution version produced by the ACLU.

Unfortunately, these newsmakers have been the subject of controversy, drawing into that controversy existing pocket versions of the U.S. Constitution.

Oregon trial Attorney, Mike Arnold, nationally recognized for having served as Ammon Bundy’s defense lawyer, recently released his own pocket Constitution, which has become an instant bestseller in its class on Amazon. Arnold produced an “unabridged, unannotated” version of the Document, to bring new eyes and a new generation of Americans to an understanding of our nation’s Law of the Land, without controversy or political commentary.

Mike Arnold will donate all net profits from the sales of his pocket Constitution to Oregon schools.

Press Release from the Office of Mike Arnold

For Immediate Release – 8/7/16
After the Trump-Kahn post-convention feud, the controversial Skousen/Bundy pocket constitution has ironically become a national best seller. Why? Because it is cheap at $1.00 each, as it is underwritten by religious activists.  It is controversial because it has select quotes before the constitution that many claim are out of context and politically/religiously motivated.

In a twist of fate, days before the convention Mike Arnold, Ammon Bundy’s former lawyer, was finalizing his own Pocket Constitution.  Why? “I was getting sick and tired of all of the conspiracy theories about the purported ‘Mormon constitution’ carried by the Oregon and Nevada protestors,” he said.  “I previously released a video debunking the ‘annotated/abridged Bundy constitution’ but some of the counter-protesters’ concerns were valid due to the motivations of the publisher and the select quotes. So, I set out to create a better one.”

And better it is. It has already soared to a #1 New Release on Amazon in the wake of the Democratic Convention.  It is a more convenient size at 4×6 and made of more durable stock and cover, making it longer lasting in your pocket. It has no superfluous religious or politically motivated commentary like the current best seller and the ACLU version.

Most importantly, the proceeds profit no political groups. Mike Arnold is giving all proceeds to Oregon schools. “I didn’t want to profit from this nor politicize it by giving proceeds to any particular group,” Arnold said.  “I concluded the Afterword with this: ‘Net profits, if any, will be donated to Oregon schools in the hopes that our children will continue the legacy of our Founders. What is that legacy exactly? That is for you, the reader, the citizen, to discover.’”

More information about the Pocket Constitution can be found at or the paperback or Kindle version can be purchased at

Any portion of this release can be attributed to Mike Arnold. For more information contact Mike Arnold at 541-338-9111 or via Facebook messenger at


The interpretation of the meaning of the Constitution can be quite controversial, but what the words actually are shouldn’t be. Certain protesters in Nevada and Oregon were accused of carrying and passing out “abridged” or “annotated” Constitutions that modified the original text to meet their political agenda. While this is absolutely false, the misunderstanding occurred due to extraneous quotes placed before the official text that were selectively added by that publisher, purportedly to further a political agenda.  

With the Pocket Constitution, we wanted no extraneous quotes other than this self-indulgent afterword, which I hope we will be forgiven for including, as it is far removed from the text, is not an “annotation,” and is only here to clarify the purpose of providing this resource. 

We hope that folks on both the left and the right of our political spectrum will find common ground in the actual text of the Constitution, inspiring civil discourse on what the clauses mean.  Interpreting the words of the Constitution is not just for the elite in black robes.  It was a document created by citizens to hold their government in check.  To continue to meet that goal in the modern world or to establish new goals for this document, if that is your desire, it is incumbent on all citizens to understand its actual words and to ponder their meaning, impact, and utility. That is an essential duty of citizenship.

 A free version of this pocket constitution can be downloaded from: It can be printed, folded and cut into a 3×6-inch book on your own. 

Net profits, if any, will be donated to Oregon schools in the hopes that our children will continue the legacy of our Founders. What is that legacy exactly? That is for you, the reader, the citizen, to discover.

 Mike Arnold,

Eugene, Oregon

July 19, 2016

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  1. Interesting to know that Khan’s version was an ACLU product & Bundy’s had some agenda pushing too from The Tabernacle folk … I’ve always used the transcript from archives … however difficult to pull out of your pocket in the heat of debate … thanks for the lead Marjie … there was a TV show from the old days called “My Little Margie” … she was a pistol too!

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