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January 29, 2012

I contend that the Republican Party is the Stupid Party because many of its representatives fail to enforce traditional conservative values in their own lives.

Pat Cadell, the Democrat pollster, crusty on the outside and soft on the inside like egg salad on a sourdough roll–who also happens to be an honest and decent patriot–refers often to the Democrat Party and the Republican Party respectively as “The Evil Party and The Stupid Party.”  He is a well spoken man, and his use of the term “stupid” to define the GOP is not an epithet, but rather the measured use of brevity.  “Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” is a well-worn term used to illustrate the tendency of “The Stupid Party” to collapse at the last moment, compromise their values, and thus disenfranchise their conservative base.  Way too many races in behalf of the GOP have been fought and won at the grassroots, with dedicated foot soldiers sacrificing goodly portions of their lives for conservative principles.  Idealists who lead ordinary and honorable lives support and fund the men and women who promise to defend, and extend, the precious principles of liberty and small government while in office.  The classic outcome is that the “conservative” candidate, pushed along by the ever optimistic grassroots activists, arrives in Washington D.C., or their state Capitol building, and sooner rather than later, morphs into a social debutante hell-bent on gaining approval from the entrenched party-machinery elites, and ultimately becomes a political prostitute, selling out the values and the hard work of their constituents for a little ego enhancement here and a little pork there.  Conservatives, who would win legislative victories by standing on principle while enjoying the supportive voices of their constituents, thus snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by abandoning their principles, losing their base of support, and being used, abused, derided, and cast aside by savvy and unprincipled Liberal politicians and party apparatchiks.

All people are flawed.  HOWEVER, when we speak of representatives for our districts, our states, and our nation, is it unreasonable to expect that those representatives, who promise to reflect the values and character of their constituents, to be a little better, a little more conscientious, and a little more temperate than the randy drunk who hangs out at the trendy pubs on Capitol Hill?  I contend that the Republican Party is the Stupid Party because many of its representatives fail to enforce traditional conservative values in their own lives.   The bright line between the Evil Democrat Party and the Stupid Republican Party is morality.  That line neither holds ground, nor sway with the undecided and independent voters if, instead of being a gleaming and shiny rod of hard steel, it is a limp linguine noodle lifted off of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s tie and dropped carelessly in the political mud.

The Western Colorado GOP was hit hard by the stupid behavior of one of its state representatives this past weekend.  I won’t use names here, but the link will tell you all you need to know.  I will use this story as a teachable moment for those of you who, like me, believe it is time for Conservatives and Republicans to shed the label of “Stupid.”  The answer is easy.  All we have to do, as individuals, is to live the values that as a party we espouse; traditional family values, personal responsibility, respect for life, boldness in honesty, integrity, openness, and authentic representation and defense of the Constitution of the United States.

Moral behavior is specific to personal conduct. 

Scandals wound Conservatives and Republicans more deeply than they do Progressives and Democrats.  They are, after all, the Evil Party.  Their platform embraces many things which are condemned by God as recorded in the Bible; abortion, sexual immorality of all stripes, intemperance, pride, the power over the will of man, and dependence upon the idol of the nanny state, to name a few.  Conservatives need to choose people of character beyond reproach.  Bill Clinton is lionized by the Left because he is an immoral and perverse man.  Newt Gingrich is skewered by the Right because of his past sexual immorality.  It is our nature to condemn acts which are contrary to the principles of moral conduct and civil society.  The Right will never regain the moral authority and the forcefulness of  leadership that it needs to restore the Republic and the Constitution of the United States so long as individuals feel that their personal lives are exempt from principles of morality, citizenship, and exemplary conduct.

 By Marjorie Haun 1/29/2012

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  1. The temptations to seek a way around the limits of power demanded by our Constitution and insert their subjective opinions are also best handled only by those who live their lives morally and are guided by traditional values with objective principles. Great points made above.

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