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NO,NO, NO! Not in Colorado!  Do not wussify this grand state with your “sodium initiatives!” Colorado is, after all, a state dotted with a hundred thousand salt-licks.  We love our sodium, we can’t live without it, and neither can our livestock, nor elk, nor deer, nor bighorn sheep.

I really thought we were safe out here in the West; safe from the nanny-state notion that government can regulate our gastronomical choices.  But NOOO.  On February 16th “officials from the State of Colorado” attending the Colorado Health Summit came up with the breathtaking theory that a governmental initiative to reduce sodium intake would enhance the health of the citizens of this beautiful region.  Oh, it all sounds good to the ears; the goal to get Coloradans to follow the USDA guidelines for daily sodium levels.  But on a deeper level, this is a sinister and highly invasive intrusion by the state into our very thoughts and appetites.

The only way the state can reach their goal to enhance the collective health of its people is through control; control over restaurant menus and ingredients, control over dietary choices, and control over what is available for us to choose. The governmental regulation of dietary choice, at any level, is the equivalent of socialized medicine.  It is consummate control over the bodies and personal choices of individuals, in their homes and in the businesses they choose to patronize.

The Colorado Health Summit was also attended by people representing restaurants and businesses, as well as county and local health officials.  But the problem with this one-size-fits-all program to improve the health of the population, is that one-size-doesn’t-fit-all.  People are individuals. Individuals are different, with differing needs and tastes.  I will use myself as an example:  I eat much more than the USDA recommended daily serving of sodium, and my blood pressure is consistently around 102 over 60.  I am not sodium sensitive.  I like high-fat, high-salt foods when I eat out.  I don’t have a deep fryer at my house so that is one the reasons I go out to eat.  That is my choice.  It is my body, and I will take care of my health and my body according to my own needs and wants. Each person responds differently to what they eat.  The obesity epidemic in America will not be stymied by government interference in our personal choices.  Those choices are too personal, and are usually rooted in responses to stressors in the home, family, and environment which are, and will always be, beyond the power of the nanny-state to fix.

Michelle Obama is the contemporary face of nanny-state culinary control.  Her “Let’s Move” combination consists of nothing less than a deluge of local, state, and federal government controls over physical exercise, school cafeteria menus, packaged foods, restaurant menus, and parenting.  It all looks very nurturing and caring, but Mrs. Obama wields a sledge hammer, dressed in a mother’s apron, that will crush liberty on all levels of American society, and will cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars.  “Let’s Move” is about compulsion, not choice.  It is about indoctrination, not well-modeled education.  It is about confounding business and industry and their ability to provide the variety of products that the American consumer desires.

Americans have only fattened since the 1964 food stamp act (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).  At present federal spending on obesity-related health care is over $160 billion.  The cost of the food stamp program, and WIC (Women, Infants and Children) is nearly $70 billion with nearly 40 million people on those programs. Two-thirds of adults are overweight.  That statistic is high because individuals on government nutrition assistance have much higher obesity rates than the middle class and educated.  Yes, government interference makes people fat, unhealthy, irresponsible, and unmotivated.  Self-sufficiency and the pressures of having to provide for one’s own never made anybody fat.  Those statists who are trying to address obesity and other health issues through governmental initiatives and regulations are like the creepy nurse who adds poison to the IV fluids of a dying patient.  The toxic mix drips slowly into the system of the victim, but the nurse appears to be kind, and it all looks very caring.

Yes, I admit it.  I sound like an angry White woman.  In this case I am…angry.  (the White part is involuntary, being of Irish-Scots heritage, but I do love corned beef) The last place I want the state is in my pantry, or my stomach.  I have the wisdom I need to make good choices for me and my family.  America is the land of the free and the home of answerability. We will answer to our own consciences, and we will own the results of our own choices.  Government cannot save us from our tastes.  And the nanny-state only weakens people, creates more dependence and helplessness, inactivity and a lower standard of living.  Michelle Obama, and those governmental agencies who see food and lifestyle choices as yet another way to compel the public to conform to their totalitarian paragon, would replace our moral agency with bondage.

Much has been made of Michelle Obama’s toned arms.  Indeed, she looks fit and appears to be a model of the healthy lifestyle she promotes.  But I don’t want to conform to her programs, nor to any other big-government efforts to force me to be healthy.  If we submit to these statist initiatives to control the most intimate choices in our lives, we may all have toned arms, but we will use them only to rattle the bars of our government allocated cages.

Jay Nordlinger on Michelle Obama’s ribs

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  2. detra

    grrr I wrote a long comment but I put my name where is says name and then after I sent it said put name/email and lost it! Darn it.
    In a nut shell though this is what I said.
    Health should be a choice, offer healthy foods.
    Rip out the fast food restaurants in public school lunch rooms and offer our kids healthy food.
    Our bodies do fine with salt if we have enough calcium in our diets.
    There you go. Detra

  3. Rachael Haun, Marj's Greatest Achievement

    If your really so anti-reasonable sodum levels, just use your good old ‘merican power of choice and dump more salt on everything you eat. Easy. And lard and sugar and high fructose corn syrup. That’s sticking it to the nanny state! (but more so sticking to soon-to-be jiggly thighs)
    As a unique snowflake of an American I too have unique dietary needs, and have recently discovered I am not crystal meth senstive; hence, I want more meth. And the first lady better not get all up in my bizznass. FREEDOM!
    (you probably think this is a silly, unreasonable example to the points in this blog. This is to point out that you compared making foods healthier to a nurse murdering a patient. I shouldn’t need to spell this one out any further)
    Don’t brush your teeth either. Michelle Obama prob. encourages that too. What a commie godless piece of power-hungry trash. This is ‘merica. I’ll let my teeth rot and if them darn atheist Nazi diversity-lovin hippies try to make my kid see the dentist (pencilneck liberal who went to school and stuff, that dentist), I’mma git me my sign and yell ’round the park at them commie passersby too consumed in their skinny Starbucks lattes to see what ‘merica is disintigratin to.
    (I feel you need something real to complain about. You can complain about your irritating daughter instead. I’ve been trying to get you to write a post about me for ages. 🙂 )

  4. Rachael Haun, Marj's Greatest Achievement

    And the cycle never ceases. Rachael makes point. Mum fails to make counterpoint. Mom used ad hominem. Rachael points out this cycle. Cycle is thus feed.

  5. Rachael Haun, Marj's Greatest Achievement

    whoa…typos…”thus fed” is what I was going for there

  6. OH my

    I just got dumber reading this. Good ol’ rethuglican shouts for choice when there are so many REAL things to discuss.

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