Amnesty and the Poisoned Culture

Criminal aliens--A culture of hatred

This article was published first on as Criminal Aliens and Hate on the Border.

This week has been one of revelations about the true intent of those who are  for opening America’s borders and granting amnesty to criminal aliens. The evidence from the mouths, writings, and activities of the pro-Mexican invasion crowd shows that they care less about the welfare of immigrants and their families, than they do about erasing the culture and history of the United States of America. And they would do it, not through assimilation, but through a demographic take-over of the electorate and a take-down of market capitalism.

The first compelling evidence comes from a videotaped meeting of the Tucson School board. A concerned parent presented excerpts from an “ethnic studies” curriculum text that she obtained from a student. The book which had been used by the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) in a number of classes, including the third grade, contained expletives in Spanish, hateful rants against capitalism, the United States, and the “Anglo.” It was, in essence, propaganda for immigrants detailing how to revert the United States into a socialist, Mexican state.

Yesterday in El Paso, Texas (which is itself knee high in the criminal alien and drug traffiking activies pouring over the Rio Grande from Juarez, Mexico) Barak Obama touted amnesty for illegal immigrants from Mexico, many of whom populated his audience.  Obama mocked those who want to secure the borders with a fence, heightened Border Patrol presence, and strict enforcement of illegal immigration laws.  The audience laughed when he told them, his contempt for America’s soverignty and national security apparent,  “They might as well build a moat…and get some alligators,”  Obama’s demeanor was glib and his remarks derisive, but he wandered from contempt into the wilderness of lies when he claimed that he has done more to secure the border than any other president.  Obama also told the receptive crowd that the border fence, promised some six years, was nearly finished.  The truth is that less than 200 miles of the 2 thousand miles needed are in some stage of completion. Obama pandered to a segment of the Latino voting bloc with these lies in what was an early campaign speech.

The evidence is clear. The current administration is not concerned about the lives, land, and fortunes of tax-payer dollars lost to criminal aliens from south of the border.  Obama, the Democrats, and many RINO Republicans are looking for votes.  And they want to get them with an infusion of new voters in the form of (currently ineligible) criminal aliens.  Obama and the rest are also complicit in the cultural destruction occuring in towns and cities from San Diego to Laredo.  These communities struggle with skyrocketing crime, the closings of hospitals and medical centers which had been forced to treat illegals without reimbursement, and the financial drain on educational institutions and social services.

Most disturbing is the hatred for the United States of America coming from the pens and lips of those who come here to reap her riches.  The TUSD’s ethnic studies curriculum is a glimpse into the ultimate purpose of the pro-amnesty-for-illegals agenda.  It is a handbook on how to amputate the hand that feeds you.

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