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March 6, 2012

“A troubled and afflicted mankind looks to us, pleading for us to keep our rendezvous with destiny; that we will uphold the principles of self-reliance, self-discipline, morality, and, above all, responsible liberty for every individual, that we will become that shining city on a hill.”  *Ronald Reagan*  

Wedding dreams

Remember when a white wedding meant something?

Poor Rush, he’s really stepped in it this time.  He called an unfortunate dupe of the radical feminist Left a “slut.”  This poor creature; a solidly built law student at Georgetown University, while testifying in a congressional hearing, bemoaned the pitfalls of women having to pay for their own contraception; the oppression, the hardship, the terrible adversity that comes with sacrificing the monthly equivalent of 2 two lattes, so that fornication can be of no cost, no limitations, and no consequences, was called a “slut” by Conservative warrior, Rush Limbaugh.

He was right.  And he’s getting chewed up by his own as I clickety-clack my own indignation at the indignation of those who take umbrage at a slut being called a slut.  Let’s sort this all out, and weave the story of the Georgetown Slut into a tapestry of forgotten virtue, and moral decay.

The “women’s movement” resulted in catastrophe for the American family.  The flotsam of that movement still sloshes around in universities, the Main Stream Media (entrenched secular Leftist moral decline media), some churches,  public education, and our homes.  The “women’s movement” gave us more than just a population of 50 and 60-something women with saggy breasts and brows etched with angry creases. It gave us amnesia, a moral forgetting, a dis-engagement from the scruples; the personal virtues spoken of by the Founders, that are the best guarantors of liberty.

Heavenly Father gave us commandments because He loves us.  The 10 Commandments, and the ethics that derive from them, are the best protectors of personal, individual liberty.  The admonitions of the first 4 Commandments define our relationship to the Divine. The instructions to love God, to reverence His Name,  and to worship Him properly, free us from the love of substance, the love of the flesh, and all those things that distract us from our connections to Divinity and happiness.  The last 6 Commandments are guidelines for our relationships to one another, our roles in civil society, or personal responsibilities, and the rights of all men.  Indeed, the 10 Commandments, especially those which define our Divinely given rights and responsibilities, are the foundations of Western Law.  The Commandments of God are not conditional nor cursory.  They are absolute.  Without the virtuous personal conduct that we are commanded to implement in our own lives, the foundations of liberty erode and fail.  The great institutions of our civil society collapse, and the light of human liberty, which must be nourished by the toil, devotion, sweat, and blood of a moral people, is blotted out forever.

A caller to Bill Bennett’s program, “Morning in America,” was distraught when he spoke of the “slut” controversy.  He spoke of how even “good Christian people” claim that pre-marital sex, so long as it is consensual, is perfectly acceptable; the “norm” of the modern day.  The caller’s observation was correct.  Sexual immorality has become the cultural norm.  Sexual morality, chastity, purity, and modesty are wholly mocked and marginalized.–I remember at the time of my divorce how my attorney asked me about my plans. I told him that at some point I would like to begin dating and perhaps remarry.  He knew of my Mormon faith, and told me in no uncertain terms, “nobody is going to want a celibate woman with four kids.”  He was right.  In fact, the “celibate” thing has limited my dating options much more than the fact that I am a mother to four children.  Men either head for the hills, or try to “change my mind” about my choice to be sexually chaste.  I am unwavering, and they are usually gone.  Good riddance I say.– My experiences and observations, as a woman who grew up durin the 60s and 70s, and who has dealt for years with the issues of contemporary dating, are a testimony that standards of sexual purity, reverence, and self-respect–which is ultimately respect for God–have been successfully vanquished by the infiltration of Leftist, secular, Satanic influences into every facet of American life.

The secularism of the Left has normalized the immoral.  Sexual immorality sits right smack in the middle of the socio/political spectrum, so long as it is couched in such terms as “consensual,” “adult,” “mature,” harmless,” and “realistic.”  Rush Limbaugh really did step in it when he called the Georgetown co-ed a “slut.”  He exposed an open, oozing abscess of cultural weakness; an almost universal obliviousness to the Divine injunctions that are necessary for a society to advance and flourish.

The second great Commandment, to love one another, given by Jesus Christ in the New Testament, is the scaffolding for Commandment number 7, “thou shalt not commit adultery.”  Those two commandments address the most sensitive aspects of human relationships and psychology.  Sexuality and sexual identity are so basic, and so fragile, that Heavenly Father gave us these Commandments as defenses against physical, emotional, and spiritual harm.  “Thou shalt not commit adultery” (sexual immorality of any kind) has been cast aside, and “Love one another,” has been mistranslated to say, “use one another,” “gratify your urges with one another,” “objectify and debase one another as things to be sexually exploited,” and “treat one another as less than Children of God.”

We are left with a dying Republic where abortion claim millions of innocent lives every year, adults and teenagers who contract a sexually transmitted disease at some point in their lifetimes outnumber those who don’t, shacking up is the status-quo, and children born out of wedlock are fast becoming a majority.

The sexual connection between a man and a woman in a committed, marital relationship, is the most beautiful of God’s devices; His crowning achievement and greatest blessing to mankind.  All virtue educes from the Mind of God.  And forget not that God is the Author of Liberty.  Our Founding Fathers understood this, and if we are serious about saving our Republic and restoring the Constitution, we need to understand, and practice personal virtue as the Founders advised.  You see, the need for outside government decreases as responsible self-governance increases.  Big government creeps in and fills the cracks and crevices in a society only when personal morality has been carved away and discarded.  It is folly to believe that we can save America and her foundational precepts without purifying our own lives.

A good friend of mine once spoke of intimacy, and of a “fasting of the bodies” as a way to build emotional intimacy.  This friend has a wonderful understanding of the roles of flesh, spirit, and mind, and how the hierarchy of intimacy must be placed so that relationships can bear fruit that is sweet, fulfilling, and lasting.  It is the Lenten season, a time of atonement and sacrifice.  We would all benefit from a rearranging of the hierarchy of our priorities.  In marriage a “fasting of the bodies,” between men and woman may build intimacy, respect, and the sexual hunger that makes life purposeful and exuberant.  In the civil society, our Constitutional Republic, a starving of the need for big government will certainly increase our sense of responsibility, our freedom, and the self-respect and efficacy that have been pillaged while we’ve languished in a decades-old moral amnesia.

By Marjorie Haun 3/6/12


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