A Dead Scoundrel is Still a Scoundrel

October 26, 2013

Vietnam veteran and patriot, Forrest L. Gomez, affectionately known as Old Sarge, graces us with yet another scathing yet humorous, succinct yet profound post on



Mourning the Passing of Tom Foley…NOT!

Much lamentation everywhere about the passing of former Democrat Senator Tom Foley from my state (Washington). Everybody talks about what a great man, negotiator, and compromiser he was, etc. Well, let me offer a different perspective. I remember him being part of every major scandal in the House during the first term of the Clinton administration, including the Post office and House Banking scandal. He was pro-abortion in every aspect, including late-term. A columnists spotted Foley on a plane asking for extra food, and then putting it in zip lock bags for later. (Talk about cheap!) And when he was voted out of office during Gingrich’s Republican Revolution, he actually tried to sue the people of the state of Washington to get his job back. He was a full-blooded lib. ‘Nuff said about that.

My Money Went Where? 

One techie after another is coming forth and declaring that he/she could have built a site for Obamacare for $5 million, or $1 million, or less than a million, and could have made it work better. Odd how this administration wastes money, isn’t it? The $642 million wasted on the Obamacare site could have been put in a pool to give thousands of the poor health insurance, with a low deductible. One of the items of pork attached to the bill that opened the government back up: $174 thousand for the widow of the late Senator Lautenberg, who was a millionaire. Go figure. But, to my main point. I want to admonish those of you who say Democrats don’t know how to raise money, increase wealth. Perish the thought, my brothers and sisters. Bill and Hillary Clinton increased their personal wealth by selling political favors and influence.

Thus, Bubba and Hilly came into office worth less than a million, and left office with $10 million in the bank and two new homes. John Kerry was efficient; he married into wealth. Charlie Rangel and Al Sharpton (and much of Obama’s staff) simply didn’t pay all the taxes they owed. Al Gore was most creative of all, promulgating a phony environmental crisis, and reaping millions. Some Democrats simply steal it, like the millions unaccounted for in Obamacare and the Stimulus Bill indicate. And some, under the cover of crony capitalism, start pointless “alternate energy” companies that are doomed to fail, then run with their CEO bonuses when things crash. You can probably think of other ways, but you can’t fault Democrats for not being able to make money. Several business publications have, down through the years, explained how the fastest way to get rich is be a Democrat and serve in Congress. Oh, Occupy Wall Street, wherefore art thou?

The Tea Party is still going strong. May our Lord Jesus Christ hold and comfort you all during these troubled times. 

~The Sarge

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