7 Reasons Why the Obama Administration Embraces Chaos

July 8, 2016

“We must not look to government to solve our problems. Government is the problem. ~Ronald Reagan~

Here are 7 reasons why Obama, and other dictators, embrace chaos:

1. More chaos leads to less individual freedom:

When upheaval occurs within the economy, job market, education and all areas affected by crises arising from bad policy, fear-mongering, or political maneuvering outside constitutional limits, citizens are beset with uncertainty and fear. Chaos breeds mistrust of government at all levels, and between groups of people who ordinarily get along just fine. Mistrust, fear, and uncertainty are restrain human creativity, innovation and risk, the very components that make free-markets vibrant. IRS attacks Conservative groups illustrates how the dictatorial state becomes a threat to privacy, associations, and free movement. Citizens, become less assertive with opinions and actions for fear of government reprisal.

The Obama Administration has been the chief purveyor of Political Correctness as a political weapon. Obama regularly scolds Americans for being “xenophobic” and not having sufficient love and tolerance in our hearts. Liberal state Attorneys General, Federal Prosecutors, and U.S. AG, Loretta Lynch herself have threatened private citizens with prosecution or prison for using certain language deemed ‘hurtful’ to select minorities–most specifically Islamic terrorists–or for disagreeing with the conclusion that electricity and hot showers are killing the planet due to “climate disruption,” or one of the many insipid iterations weather.

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty…when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”~Thomas Jefferson.

2. As individual morality shrinks, the government of necessity must grow:

The misapplication of law or government resources, and judicial revision are tactics universally embraced by socialist regimes. Dictators seek to exert control by using the power of the state to extinguish opposition, and to enact agendas through extra-legislative means. This generates two dynamics which damage the moral climate of society.

First, laws passed, to satisfy social trends or special interest groups, which defy the traditions and character of society;  abortion-on-demand and homosexual marriage for example, create confusion about what is right and acceptable, especially in the minds of young people. The law should reflect the Judeo-Christian values that helped Western Civilization flourish and conceive the kind of government that places the individual above the state. Yet, when immoral principles which foster social evils are enacted into law, clarity is lost about where moral authority is to be found, and whether or not legality and morality are equivalent.

Second, immoral behavior: sloth, sexual vices, self-destructive addictions, etc., undercut an individual’s personal freedom as well as his ability to remain self-sufficient. As entire populations are thrown into moral and personal chaos by the propagation of legalized sin, government welfare becomes a desperate resource for people who have lost the sense of accountability as well as ability to judge, or even care, what is good or bad for them. “Man’s laws cannot make moral that which God’s law has declared immoral.” ~M. Russell Ballard

3. Chaos can be blamed on the traditional economic system, and the politicians and policies that preceded the dictatorial regime:

Obama has refined the art of blame shifting as no other president in our history. He is living proof that using chaotic events to bludgeon political opponents, past, present, and future, is not merely never letting a good crisis go to waste, but rather an intentional practice used to foment economic, social, and political instability. Chaos does not just happen as a matter of fate. Dictatorial regimes prepare for it, create it, and use “we inherited this mess” rhetoric to shield themselves from culpability, even years and decades into failure and chaos that they, themselves created.

In the American setting, where free-market Capitalism is the prevailing economic model, chaos incited by a bad socialist policies can be blamed on the system itself. Obama, injecting wildly progressive economic policies, crony capitalism, insanely reckless government spending, and extreme social experimentation has, with the support of a sycophantic press corps, successfully blamed Capitalism and its conservative sponsors for the ensuing meltdowns. When dictators can pin blame for failed socialist policies on free markets, citizens will gradually accept the falsehoods as truth. “After [Republicans] drove the car in the ditch, made it as difficult as possible for us to pull it back, now they want the keys back. No. They can’t drive. We don’t want to have to go back in the ditch.” ~Barack Obama

4. Chaos results in a crisis of faith for many citizens, who then supplant the providence of God with the power of the state:

Socialism, in its many forms, in incompatible with an authentically pious society. In other words, a powerful centralized state cannot coexist with God. Social, economic, and personal chaos can bring great adversity to the lives of citizens, who may come to question why God would allow such hardships to befall them. Dictators prey upon the spiritually vulnerable who find themselves wanting for employment, food, housing, and even hope. Remember Obama’s Hope and Change? All totalitarian philosophies, with the exception of Islam, must in effect destroy God and ban religion so the people, of necessity, seek for answers to all life’s questions from the government. Atheism, as a movement, has snowballed during Obama’s term, along with legal and actual assaults on Christians and Jews of all stripes. God and church-going citizens are threats to government, and chaos is a threat to civil order and peaceful, freedom of worship. With the loss of religious practice and sentiment in society, people, who are spiritual in nature, may replace the adoration of God with the deification of celebrities and politicians who appear to to satisfy all temporal and theological voids. “The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness.” ~Karl Marx

5. The “survival” mindset citizens take up during times of crisis and chaos place physical needs over intellectual and spiritual considerations, resulting in a “dumbed-down,” more dependent citizenry:

Government-provided security becomes very appealing when economic chaos impacts one’s ability to provide for himself and his family. Citizens become inured to the shame of being on the dole, but even more devastating is the development of a “what’s in it for me” mentality. With these dynamics comes a shift in priorities. Where hopeful and prosperous citizens seek education, refinement, artistic excellence, and intellectual fulfillment, desperately dependent people become occupied with ensuring they have enough money and food just to make it to the next pay period. Groups of people who become chronically dependent on government due to social chaos within their communities and generational poverty, are less educated, less healthy, and less able to break out of the cycle of dependence because they lack inventiveness and flexibility of thought. Dictators prey upon these dynamics because it provides a dependable pool of supporters–voters–who willingly advance the political party which promises to provide for them what they cannot provide for themselves. Dictators foster the perverse sense in government dependents that the earners, from whom money is taken to support them, are being “punished” for “having more.” Such absurdities become conventional wisdom in ovine cultures where independent thought is discouraged, and even penalized. “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” ~George Carlin

6. Social chaos, conflict, economic disaster, and moral breakdown lead to increased violence within some communities. Dictators will always use this dynamic as a justification for disarming all citizens, including the law-abiding:

Dictators are restrained by citizens possessing the ability to secure their own rights through force. Americans are uniquely blessed with the right to keep and bear arms for personal defense, and millions do so, lawfully. Armed citizens are the last barrier to complete totalitarianism. But even in our constitutional republic, attempts to subvert the 2nd Amendment through gun-control legislation and pressure from the Left, are endless. Obama relishes the violent chaos instigated by madmen with guns. Every instance of gun violence during the Obama presidency has been pounced on by the socialists, like vultures on a swollen carcass, as on opportunity to disarm Americans. The goal of dictators is complete disarmament, and with increasingly extreme cases of gun violence–such as that which took the lives of dozens at an elementary school in Connecticut last year–assaults on the 2nd Amendment have become more intense. Fortunately, the 2nd Amendment and the American ethos of self-defense against criminals as well as tyrants, have withstood attempts by our homegrown dictators to abolish the One Right which secures them all. “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good” ~George Washington

7. Chaos within society, and within the government itself,  provides a distraction from the corrupt, wasteful, and unjust practices of dictatorial regimes:

Obama is the master of chaos. It is intentional, and for all of the reasons mentioned in this article, it is an operational style favored by politicians with dictatorial impulses. But there is no idealism behind Obama’s dictatorial impulses, such as the desire to mandate a perfectly just society through controlling human behavior, or using law to ensure economic and social equality for all. Chaos is Obama’s scrim which hides appalling crony capitalism,  funneling of taxpayer money to donors and supporters through sham corporations–such as the green energy scam –miserable incompetence and hair-raising social agendas. Obama, like other dictators, embraces revenge politics. The media-inspired Trayvon Martin chaos gave Obama and other agitators within the black community a platform to demonize whites, the 2nd Amendment, the State of Florida, and “stand-your-ground” laws. But behind the histrionics exists a vengeful endorsement by the President of the United States of black on white crime, which in many cases is glossed-over by an emasculated press. The government shutdown which, according to hysterics in the media, portended the apocalypse, was cover for and distraction from the intentionally disastrous kickoff of Obamacare. Obama the Dictator knew it would fail, but its failure would be less negative for his image if it came on the heels of the “Republican assault” on all that is good and holy in the federal government. He may have overplayed the distraction card with Obamacare, but the expertise with which Obama has used chaos to misdirect public attention from his personal and political corruption, failed policies, dirty deals, and chronic abrogation of the Constitution, has, until now, given the most incompetent, unscrupulous, opaque, and un-American president in American history the reputation of being politically unassailable. “The true essence of a dictatorship is in fact not its regularity but its unpredictability and caprice…” ~Christopher Hitchens

by Marjorie Haun 8/12/14

  1. Kim Call

    Wow….spot on! And the technique(s) work on a local level, as well. It is amazing, indeed, how the corruption spawned by one man/regime becomes a template for an entire nation. I’m glad I’ve been introduced to your blog… are gifted. Thank you.

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