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January 4, 2012

Who was the greatest American President?

If you’re a conservative the answer is really easy–if you break it into centuries.  The greatest president of the 18th century was George Washington, of the 19th; Abraham Lincoln, and of the 20th; why Ronald Reagan, of course.  But who will be the greatest American President of the 21st century?  No one yet knows.  But whoever it is, they must defeat Barak Obama in 2012.

The greatest President of the 21st Century must have 4 non-negotiable characteristics:

1. This person must be a uniter.  Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan, each during times of terrible national strife, were able to coalesce support from the majority of  Americans for their causes.

2. This person must have faith in God, believing that America was founded with the help of Divine providence and for a high and godly purpose.  This person must be humble, regarding him or herself as a servant to the people of the United States of America as well as to God and His will. The role of Divine protection in the lives of the greatest American Presidents cannot be dismissed.

3. This person must be fully devoted to the Constitution of the United Stats, its preservation as an unchanging document, and the restoration of the parts that have been so altered and abridged that it often bears no resemblance to its original form.

4. Finally, the Greatest President of the 21st Century must unequivocally support a strong Israel and be prepared to defend her:

The greatest President of the 21st Century is now being roughed-up and tested to the extreme in the electoral process. We hope that person is also being refined and prepared to lead the United States of America out of the abyss. They must win in 2012.

By Marjorie Haun 1/4/12

  1. The answer is Ron Paul. The only sane response.

  2. Carpenter

    Hi ReaganGirl,
    I just found your Blog when searching (Google) for something that I already knew!
    The subject of “Paulbots+Idolatry” has crossed my mind many times in the last year.

    Anyway now to this post.

    Is it possible that GOD is using the Obama Lama as a Divine punishment? When Israel fell into Idolatry, depravity and sin they ended up with evil Kings that did evil things.

    Now I am not suggesting that “you deserve” thee Merciful and Magnificent Obama Lama Ding Dong as a punishment for your sins but many (including the PaulBots and the Liberals) really deserve to be Obamatized.

    I mean if there ever was a group of people who are being punished (divinely) by an Obama Presidency it is the PaulBott’d and the Obama Zombies, who, by the way, both worship false Idols. Obama is the new improved Black Jesus and Ron Paul is the fake Jesus Cash! They are the Sacred Golden Cows of thier own religions!

    And as much as I would love to see anyone other than Obama I have to admit that B-Rock Obama is doing a fine job of punishing the wicked Liberals by destroying the economy.

    I believe that its really up to GOD who wins in 2012 and that American politics has become a Pagan religion with its own Gods, Saints and Holy Prophets.

    • Comments are often cryptic and fascinating. This one is both, but let it in no way reflect upon the opinions of

      • Carpenter

        well I have never had a comment described as fascinating or cryptic!
        Thank you (I think). I’ll try to be less-cryptic this time. I’ll just blurt it out.

        I believe that GOD uses elected officials, even the Obama, to give the people
        what they deserve. For example:

        God’s divine judgment in the Garden of Eden
        God’s divine judgment on man in the time of Noah
        God’s divine judgment in the destruction of Sodom
        God’s divine judgment on Egypt in the time of Moses

        And that America has abandoned GOD so now GOD has abandoned America.

        Obama and Ron Paul are literally WORSHIPED as if they are Jesus figures who
        alone posses the ability to “Save America”. They are False Idols or the Golden
        Calf’s that their followers dance around. Basically they are no different that the
        BAAL and Moloch worshipers of 1000’s of years ago! Both of these false Gods
        Ron Paul and Obama have no problem with the murder of 60 million innocent
        babies in the name of FREEDOM.

        I hope that was a little cleaer.

        • Abraham Lincoln himself felt strongly that the Civil War was a form of punishment to the nation. It is an interesting thing to ponder. Whether personal, or national, when a sinful behavior becomes habitual or institutionalized, like slavery, there will inevitably be consequences that occur. The end of slavery required a sort of purge of the habit to the body of America. It was painful, the sacrifice and the bloodshed were unimaginable. But the nation would forever languish as a diminished society, lacking the moral authority to lead the free countries world, if the sin of slavery was not purged through dreadful warfare.

  3. Carpenter

    and when you look at America today with its gross depravity, rampant homosexuality, abortion, murder, alcoholism, drug abuse and sin (on a level that makes Sodom and Gomorrah look a nice place to raise a family in) is it any wonder that we are under JUDGMENT? I think not! This is whats supposed to happen.

    I think that the next president will be an even bigger punishment on the wicked.

    Why should GOD bless the USA with a good President and a good economy when only a very very very very small fraction actually try to be good Christians. The Public School System is PAGAN or worse. Hollywood is a cesspool. Many mega-churches are cultic and apostate.

    I just don’t see GOD blessing America when most of the USA curses him.

    • However, God continues to bless the righteous. The idea of America and its exceptional brand of Liberty and opportunity is not lost because many people in this generation have become corrupted. It is my opinion that the Republic will be restored by those people who retain their morally-centered lifestyles, centered around the notion that true freedom is only realized in a moral and civil society.

  4. William R Douglas

    Only just seen this one now because of your tweet. Very thoughtful and so true. Your thinking is clear and profound. Thank you very much for your article, I will RT it for you as well.

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