Good Values are Better for Women than Feminism, Here’s Why

August 2, 2014

Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and other early feminists embraced the natural roles of women; not those imposed unjustly by society or abusive individuals, but the roles for which women are spiritually and biologically equipped. Feminism, in its unadulterated form, is the philosophy of social and market fairness: Women are equal to men under Natural Law and in the eyes of its Divine Creator, therefore, women should enjoy equal protection under the law–having the right to vote–and afforded remuneration equal to what men receive for employment. Being firmly anti-abortion, and very interested in strong families, early Feminists understood that female progress, safety, and happiness are intimately connected to a solid system of moral values.


These are 3 BIG reasons Good Values are Better for Women than (modern, militant) Feminism:

Sexually Transmitted Disease:

Let’s be honest. Modern feminists decry “sexist stereotypes” while promoting social and political polices that encourage women to be sluts. Women in 2014, despite tons of contraceptive options, are still contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) at unprecedented rates. One in every three Americans has been infected with an STD. Every year 10 million American women become infected with a new STD. The medical implications, from lesions to persistent pelvic inflammation to infertility, are greater for women than for men due to a variety of reasons. It’s well established that the Human Papillomavirus has a direct causal relationship to cervical cancer. Chlamydia has numerous long-term side effects for women, including sterility. Viral STDs can be treated but are incurable, and new strains of bacterial STDs such as Syphilis and Gonorrhea are more drug-resistant than ever, and often cause  irreversible damage to the female reproductive system. Are you thinking “ewwww” yet, or do I need to show you the pictures?

Practicing traditional values regarding dating, courtship, marriage, and fidelity are the best cure for what ails your private parts. Just saying “no” to promiscuity and “yes” to sexual purity before marriage, and fidelity and monogamy in marriage, virtually nullifies all these personal horrors. You’re humans with large brains. You can do this, it’s not that hard.

Freedom to Choose

Women with good value systems, more often religiously observant and politically conservative, appear to be happier, more optimistic, and more fulfilled than women who identify themselves as liberals or feminists. In his op-ed, “The Secret to Happiness, ” Arthur Brooks cites “earned success” as one of the key reasons traditional conservative women tend to be happier than lib gals. But happiness, to a woman, goes far beyond material success or notoriety, it goes to her very identity. This is where modern Feminism has failed women terribly. Instead of trusting women of any age to be able to sort through all the evidence, wade through all the learning, and cut through all the crap, to be able to make up their own minds about what is best for them as individuals, militant Feminism imposes an ersatz identity on anyone gullible enough to get sucked into its tenets. Modern Feminists have little or no tolerance for individuality. The constant drum beats of abortion, homosexual rights, social injustice, and those oppressive patriarchal males, have the effect of forcing women–especially teens and young twenty-something student types–into a monochromatic identity with no room for free thought or the innate biological signals which drive women to form families and bear children. Abortion and single motherhood are acceptable feminist choices, but marriage and traditional family are taboo. Big government, environmentalism, Socialism, and homosexual marriage are acceptable feminist choices, but self-reliance, Capitalism, and God-defined marriage are openly mocked.

How on earth can any woman inculcated in the limited, angry, bizarre world of modern Feminism find lasting happiness? Now, perhaps, you can see why independent, politically conservative, religious women–supported by a foundation of old-fashioned values–have a much better shot at personal fulfillment than the bitter lib gals.

Mental Health

Many studies correlating religious practice and traditional values with increased physical and mental health have been published in recent years. It’s always nice when data supports the obvious–at least that which is obvious to women who chose to exercise high standards in their lives. This is true for several reasons, not the least of which are:

Good values, taught within the moral framework of Judeo-Christian philosophy, inform humans of their own best natures. Those who live lives based on such values don’t see themselves as victims, or others as monsters and users. They perceive the world as a place created by God for the good of humankind, full of beauty, promise, and challenges that foster personal growth and resilience. Modern Feminism does the opposite, indoctrinating its adherents that women and other “minorities” are put-upon victims of everyone and every natural condition of the world.

Progressive Feminism is a cauldron of contradictions, with absurd goals and bizarre objectives, and I have never felt at all compelled to join its ranks. That being said, I am probably one of the most single-minded, independent, and tough women you will ever meet. But those qualities come from my values, my connection to God, my love for family, and my deep sense of self-worth. Like my life, liberty, and property, my happiness is neither doled out nor up for grabs.

by Marjorie Haun  8/2/14

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