Month: April 2016

Constitutional Sheriffs, Peace Officers confront federal abuse, overreach

Posted by in Constitution, Federal Abuse, Law Enforcement

The rule of law should reign supreme in any peaceful society, and when the law is broken society’s enforcers should do their duty to the best of their ability. But what if a law is oppressive or unjust?

EPA brushes off costs incurred by county most impacted by Colorado toxic spill

Posted by in EPA, Federal Abuse, Pollution

Colorado Republicans blasted the agency after the Durango Heraldreported that an EPA official nixed some of La Plata County’s proposed cooperative agreement for $2.4 million in spill-related costs over 10 years at a Wednesday meeting of the county’s board of commissioners.

Brilliant Solution to Diseased, Overcrowded D.C. Environment

Posted by in Corruption, Federal Control, Wildfires

Washington, D.C. wildfires are crucial to the restoration of a healthy political environment.

Anti-science media gets it wrong on fracking and earthquakes

Posted by in Fossil Fuels, Fracking, Radical Environmentalism

It is truly unfortunate that politicians, special interest groups and the media control the narrative on fracking, even though it’s been used for decades.

Federal mismanagement leaves National Parks in state of steady decay

Posted by in Federal Control, National Parks, Outdoor Recreation

After decades of neglect, the Park Service has reported a backlog of $12 billion in deferred maintenance projects, and it shows.

Feds use Sage Grouse to limit access to public lands

Posted by in Federal Land Grabs, Natural Resources, Sage Grouse

“The state plans work,” said Bishop. “This proposal is only about controlling land, not saving the bird.”

Obama extends New Mexico land-grab into Colorado

Posted by in Antiquities Act, Federal Control, Land Grabs

Obama plans to expand the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument northward from New Mexico into the San Luis Valley run into opposition.

146 U.S. Representatives call out EPA taxpayer-funded anti-farmer plot

Posted by in EPA, Farming, Federal Abuse

“The campaign appears to be part of an alarming trend where EPA engages in funding advocacy efforts against the very entities it is seeking to regulate,” the representatives stated. “EPA cannot systematically choose when it wishes to follow the law and when it does not.”

Fracking and Free Markets reduce carbon emissions, not oppressive regulations

Posted by in Affordable Energy, Environment, Fracking

As a nation, the United States reduced its carbon emissions by 2 percent from last year. Over the past 14 years, our carbon emissions are down more than 10 percent. On a per-unit-of-GDP basis, U.S. carbon emissions are down by closer to 20 percent.

Barrasso blasts EPA for ignoring suffering of Utes, Navajos in wake of Animas River Disaster

Posted by in EPA, Federal Control, Native Americans

In this disaster, over three million gallons of toxic wastewater unleashed into the Cement Creek, a tributary of the Animas River and then flowed downstream to the San Juan River, affecting thousands of lives on the Navajo Nation.

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