Month: March 2016

Wolf “surplus kills” not as rare as some want you to think

Posted by in Federal Abuse, Public Lands, Wildlife

Our native wildlife in the Yellowstone Ecosystem is being destroyed by these Canadian Timber Wolves. They have already destroyed the moose population in Yellowstone.

Malheur County, Oregon: Elitist outsider arrogance drives local anger

Posted by in Antiquities Act, Federal Control, Radical Environmentalism

Residents believe the designation would be accompanied by restrictions and regulations that would prohibit or severely complicate grazing, mining, hunting and recreation. In short, the lifeblood of their community.

The truth about ranchers and the BLM

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Ranching, States Rights

The Bureau of Land Management is overseen by a man who has, admittedly, no background or education in land management, but is a relative of Harry Reid’s.

Federal Lands Subcommittee Chair lambasts U.S. Forest Service destructive policies

Posted by in Environmental extremism, Federal Regulations, Forest Service

Those acres not destroyed by fire are now falling victim to disease and pestilence. It is estimated that 85 percent of the pine tree stock in the Sierra National Forest is dead or dying.

Crucifixion Diary

Posted by in Christian Teachings, Easter, Religion

They would not stay awake! My friends could not even watch and pray with me. I am alone in this intercessory prayer, save for the momentary comfort of an Angel, which strengthened me only enough to bear up under this weight. For the load of my suffering is not lighter but has increased beyond understanding.

EPA dropped the ball in Flint, endangering thousands

Posted by in Environment, Federal Control

“EPA was hesitant and slow to insist on proper corrosion control measures in Flint. MDEQ misinformation notwithstanding, EPA’s deference to MDEQ, the state primacy agency, delayed appropriate intervention and remedial measures,” the Flint task force found in its new report.

Why is it so freaking cold? White House says, “because it’s too freaking hot.”

Posted by in Climate Hysteria, Global Warming, War on Science

On January 8, 2014, the White House posted a controversial video claiming that global warming causes more severe winter cold.

Utah lawmakers lead charge to restore local law-enforcement jurisdiction on public lands

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Federal militarism, Law Enforcement

The bill would strip BLM and the Forest Service of their law enforcement functions completely, while providing block grants for local authorities proportional to the percentage of public land in each state.

All federal leases threatened by unilateral BLM cancellation of oil and gas leases in Montana

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Environmental extremism, Federal Overreach

But critics of the cancellation said the unilateral move by a federal agency puts all such leases at risk.

Obama and radical enviros set to kill coal communities in Northwest Colorado

Posted by in Economy, Environmental extremism, War on Coal

Coal communities around Twentymile Mine in northwest Colorado face economic ruin if the company running the massive coal mine goes bankrupt.

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