Month: February 2016

How the killing of LaVoy Finicum has shined a light on federal abuses in the West

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Federal Abuse, Oregon

A rancher was hunted down and shot like a rabid dog by police in conjunction with the FBI.

Keeping the public out of public lands: BLM commandments, a litany of “Thou Shalt Not’s”

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Federal Control, Outdoor Recreation

MAKING CAMPING IMPOSSIBLE: You must not gather wood. You must not possess glass containers. You must not dispose of human waste except in a portable toilet.

How the BLM abused and tormented a lady rancher in Utah

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Federal Overreach, Government Abuse

When Mary Bullock and her small group of supporting ranchers and friends didn’t immediately cave in, the FBI was at their doorstep with well-practiced intimidation tactics.

This federal BLM “controlled burn” destroyed a ranch, burned cattle alive

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Federal Abuse, Natural Resources

Witzel recalls seeing a birthing cow burned alive with a partially born calf burned to death as it hangs from birth canal. Burning cattle jumped to their deaths in ravens to escape the hellish torment.

Federal Government death-grip on western states is illegal

Posted by in Constitution, Federal Overreach, Public Lands

“Government bureaucrats can’t figure out whether they’re landlord or king,” as they “steamroll state agencies, ride roughshod over regional water rights, and destroy environmental laws in an arrogant nullification of 200 years of constitutional history.”

In 2006 U.S. Fish & Wildlife service slandered Native tribes in order to take control of bison roundup

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The FWS has sought to try the tribes in the court of public opinion, while doing everything in their power to sabotage the co-management relationship behind the scenes.

Federal Judge calls out BLM for “literal, intentional conspiracy” to force Nevada rancher out of business

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The BLM attempted to destroy the Hage family’s livelihood because he asserted his rights to the land which his family held since the late 19th century.

BLM wrecks archaeological sites, artifacts to create federal recreation area

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Federal Abuse, Public Lands

For years the BLM has been violating their own federal laws and regulations, which in turn has hurt the economy, and the citizens that they are suppose to be serving.

“Shoot Welfare Ranchers” Facebook page invites public to kill ranchers, shoot cattle

Posted by in Criminals, Radical Environmentalism, Ranching

Intentionally shooting someone else’s livestock is a crime — a felony. Doing it to make a political statement and intimidate the owners might be considered terrorism.

Federal agencies use same burning practices that sent the Hammonds to prison

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Federal Abuse, U.S. Forest Service

Ranches in several parts of the county lost private timber, grazing grounds, hay, barns and equipment to federal agency backburning that ranchers opposed.

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