Month: September 2015

Did EPA pay Harvard to fix study supporting Clean Power Plan?

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Smoking Gun Emails? Almost a 100 pages of emails passed between the EPA and the Driscoll Harvard health study group, starting on July 8, 2014, and extending at least until May 22, 2015

EPA: Puppet Agency of Radical Environmentalists

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The sue-and-settle approach, or “regulation through litigation”, obtains consent decrees from cherry-picked courts based upon prearranged settlement agreements [between EPA and environmental organizations.]

EPA and Radical Environmentalist Groups Collude in “Clean Power” rules

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Clean Power rules arise from collaborative sue-and-settle tactics between EPA and environmental activist groups.

Pope’s cruel opposition to Fossil Fuels

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According to the international disaster database, climate-related deaths are down 98 percent over the past 80 years.

Why is EPA in a rush to implement oppressive Clean Power Plan?

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There are several flaws in the details of the final EPA plan. the medical evidence supporting the indirect health benefits remains scanty-

How much EPA abuse will Colorado take?

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Colorado has suffered a series of wrongs by the very federal agency tasked with protecting its precious resources and scenic wonders.

Illegals Drag U.S. into Third-world Hell with Heroin

Posted by in Drug Cartels, Illegal immigration

“Every single illegal alien that comes into the country goes through the hands of a drug cartel.”

Why Atheists prefer Alien Seeders over God

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Without a moral God, reality can be suspended; unborn babies can become “products of conception,” Men can marry men and women can marry women. Men can BE women and women can BE men. Without a moral God, man makes up the rules.

Black Leaders Oppose EPA Smog Rules

Posted by in Federal Regulations, Pollution

Freeman-Wilson, Gary’s first female African-American mayor, had originally backed EPA’s plan to lower the ozone limits. But she changed her mind after 300 residents were laid off and the city lost significant tax revenue from the closure of a U.S. Steel coke plant.

The “kook” idea that will save our Western states

Posted by in Constitution, Transfer of Public Lands

The federal government loses money on the public lands it manages. The states make money, and quite a bit of it.

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