Month: March 2015

Colorado Legislators Show They’re Boobs

Posted by in Colorado Politics, satire

Third, it seems like mammary legislation is the third rail of politics. When a breast-related bill comes up for debate, nobody dares touch it.

Illegal Aliens Recruited into Military via Obama Plan

Posted by in National Defense, National Security

Those former illegal aliens became “eligible” to join the military because of the Obama administration executive amnesty program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

High School Kids Lobby Legislators for Contraceptives

Posted by in Abortion, Morality

The young men and women from both rural and urban Colorado high schools came armed with talking points and statistics gleaned from a number of reproductive rights websites, and lobbied the legislator on this specific bill.

Socialism and Human Cattle

Posted by in Socialism, Western Resources

Everyone should spend time on a ranch, our livestock is so happy. They are supported, protected, and live lives in happy oblivion, then we lead them gently to the stock yards, where they are slaughtered.

Colorado Kill Blog III

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Legislation

It’s mid-session in the Colorado State Legislature, and numerous bad bills have been dispatched with extreme prejudice by the various House and Senate committees. Here, we revisit the carnage.

Sage Grouse endangered listing at odds with science/local governments

Posted by in Endangered Species, Environmentalism, Government Agencies

Coloradans have invested well over $50 million of state, local, and private money in conservation easements to preserve ranchlands in the Gunnison Basin, and have preserved ore than 64,000 acres of open space, ranchlands, and sage grouse habitat.

Congressional Climate Bully goes after Colorado Scientist

Posted by in Climate Hysteria, Science

“Publicly singling out specific researchers based on perspectives they have expressed and implying a failure to appropriately disclose funding sources sends a chilling message to all academic researchers,” the group wrote.

Patriotism and Involuntary Service

Posted by in Military Interests, World War II

He never complained about his long, involuntary service in the Army, but he never talked about it either. To him it was part of life, something you did because you were born in and grew up in this country.

Palisade Farmers Resist Identity as a Marijuana Mecca

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Marijuana

The Palisade Messengers further worry that allowing marijuana grows to be defined as “agricultural crops,” and the manufacturing of marijuana-infused products to be defined as an “agricultural operation,” sets a bad precedent for the potential misuse of trust lands and conservation easements throughout the state of Colorado.

Exposed! Netanyahu Sheds Needed Light on Obama/Iran Nuke Deal

Posted by in Foreign Policy, Nukes, Terrorism

Not exactly ideal when talking about an atomic agreement that involves angry, ambitious ayatollahs and the world’s most destructive weapons.

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