Month: February 2015

How Fossil Fuels Help Avert Devastating Droughts

Posted by in Energy Policy, Environmentalism, Fossil Fuels

Thanks in part to increasing fossil fuel use, we are bringing about a world where our bodies and our crops have more of the water they need, not less.

Peace Needs a Nuclear Option

Posted by in National Defense, National Security, Nukes

Addressing the Russian, Chinese, and North Korean nuclear threat must be America’s highest defense priority and merits any investment necessary.

Why the Radical Left Wants to Keep Western States Under Federal Control

Posted by in American Lands Movement, Public Lands

The actual fight is between the far left who want to keep our public lands locked up and those of us who think they should be managed correctly for the benefit of all Montanans not just a few rich liberals.

Privacy not the Only Concern with Obamacare Electronic Records Mandate

Posted by in Medicine, Obamacare

We used to see 32 patients a day with one tech, and now we struggle to see 24 patients a day with four techs. And we provide worse care.

Colorado Kill Blog II

Posted by in Colorado Politics, humor, Legislation

The Pandora’s Box of litigation potentially spewing forth by so-called animal rights organizations, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the ASPCA, or various humane societies, could cripple livestock operations, pet stores, and even ordinary citizens whose interactions with animals may be deemed “abusive.”

Who Are The Radical Elites Running Southern Utah’s Green Movement?

Posted by in Environmentalism, Radical Environmentalism

For decades, Southern Utah has been in the grip of powerful environmental organizations that are run by elite radicals from almost everywhere except Southern Utah.

The Big Money Behind Anti-frackers

Posted by in Energy Policy, Environmentalism, Fracking

The notions that fracking is only a decade old and the industry is “lightly regulated” are laughable to anyone knowledgeable with what is involved.

Is Colorado’s Coal Industry Headed for Extinction?

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Energy, Energy Policy

The Clean Air-Clean Jobs Act — passed by the Colorado legislature in 2010 to promote replacing six aging Front Range coal-fired power plants with natural gas — will lead to up to a 4 million ton cut in coal sales, Sanderson said.

Can Common Ground Remain Sacred Ground?

Posted by in Homosexuality, Religion

Representatives of the LDS church support bills that protect LGBT individuals in various life areas such as housing or employment; however, the leaders expressed so long as this legislation and open dialogue didn’t interfere with other religious freedoms

Colorado Detention Staffer Accused of Unlawful Sexual Contact with Inmate

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Juvenile Justice, Sexual Predators

Jordan Alan Virgin, 25, was working with the juvenile inmate at about 8:40 p.m. on Sept. 19 when he grabbed her crotch with his right hand and squeezed, the report described.

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